A Possible 350 Million Sales Figure For The Next iPhone X Series, According To Analysts

Ronald Balondo
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This year’s iPhone X shows promising stats according to GBH Insights. The report from the company suggests that Apple can reach a sale of more than 220 million iPhone X series once the tech company releases their new smartphones. The figure stated above can be obtained over the next 12-18 months and could possibly reach the 350 million sales figure.

The research firm suggests that iPhone users that didn’t upgrade to last year’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 will most likely get an upgrade to the 2018 version of the smartphone. This event will have a direct effect on the figures delivered by GBH.

Another point made by GBH in one of Apple’s next-generation iPhone X variant is the possibility of a delayed release. The rumored 6.1 inch LCD variant which the firm called iPhone 9 could get a two to four months delay compared to its high peers.

The 6.1 inch iPhone 9 is often referred to as the cheap and budget-friendly iPhone X and has been the center of attraction for rumors around the community. A number of rumors suggest that there were some suspected issues within the phone’s production, namely with the LCD screen and might point directly to the reason of the delay.

With all that, it is still considered rumors and the company is still not yet given any statements to the public about the speculations. However, many Apple fans and enthusiasts are still looking forward to getting their new iPhone upgrades which features a better camera, faster processor, and an overall better experience. Also, it would noteworthy to mention that this year’s version of the cheap iPhone is expected to get a $600 price tag which sounds interesting.

For now, we are still not yet sure if Apple will release the second generation iPhone X and its variants this coming September since the company still haven’t made any official statements regarding the matter. Let’s just wait for a bit while things unfold.

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