Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features A New Back Design: Everything We Know So Far!

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Samsung will unveil their latest flagship in the form of Galaxy Note 9 that is said to become available about a month before the entrance of their rival, the cheaper iPhone X and their head-to-head competitor, iPhone X Plus. We got a clue on what the colossal South Korean electronics and communications player might offer us in the few months to come.

Planning to go in the stores this August 9th according to Bloomberg, this is will be a strategic move for Samsung to go ahead and pack the first punch against Apple that will reveal their next generation smart devices in September. With that in mind, we got some clue on what the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will look like and the innovative features that it will offer compared to the models.

A few years ago, the Galaxy Note was introduced in the market and widely known as the biggest model in the line or commonly known as phablets. The Galaxy Note family provided a new trend in phablet category and the company still wanted to bring something new to the table for its consumers by providing bigger better devices.

With a recent leak from Slashleaks, it is indicated to be some kind of a case or a back cover for the new edition Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The noticeable difference between the previous models and for this one would be the camera and the fingerprint assembly.

Credit- Slashleaks

This is a sheer move that is said to maximize the battery capacity of the device. The move of the fingerprint sensor to the center, below the camera, will also provide more accessibility compared to the previous model, the Galaxy Note 8.

The battery is always the problem for all of the powerful devices out there but it might be solved in this year’s model by allowing a bigger battery to be placed inside the unit. By placing the dual camera setup in this way, it allows more space inside that can be used for the battery resulting in a better power capacity in the device.

Aside from the placement of the dual camera setup and the fingerprint scanner, the new Galaxy Note 9 will also include an upgraded processor from Qualcomm Inc. It was recently featured in a report from Bloomberg coming from an unnamed source. The S-Pen, which is the widely known to be side-by-side with the Note series, will be more sensitive than ever.

In an interview featured in Samsung NewsRoom for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 last October 13, 2017, with Cue Kim and BJ Kang of Samsung Electronics’ Global Product Planning Group, Kang mentioned that “Usually, when one project comes to an end, we have a small break before moving on to the next. But this time, we’re not taking any breaks, even though the Galaxy Note8 product planning process was so challenging.

We are already considering how to approach the development of the next Note by evaluating the latest model and looking for ways to improve upon signature features like the S Pen. We will continue to keep users’ needs as our number one priority and will innovate accordingly”.

The Galaxy Note Series is also known for its big screens. The 5.7-Inch display on its predecessors and more than 6 inches in the last model are one of the biggest in the market. People are expecting that the new Galaxy Note 9 will be within the same range as the last model with a slimmer bezel on the top and at the bottom of the screen.

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