9 Secret Signs That Your Crush Is Interested In You

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Howdy, people in crush out there! You have been crushing on a guy or a girl for so long but unable to figure out whether they are interested in you. Sounds familiar? Well, yes. After all, every other one of you must be wondering how to those next steps forward.

Once, you have set your eyes on someone you like dearly, your heart would crave for their attention. There might be cases where your crush would be giving many signs but you’re standing plain on them. It’s time to understand this game, up close and personal so that you are ready to act with tact. Here are a few tell-tale signs from your crush that may be missing out on.

Makes eye contact

Did you just catch your crush looking at you? And you are left blushing now! Well, such moments can bring strings of joy for us when we catch the crush of our life peeking at us. This is sure shot signal they are definitely looking out for you. Sounds amazing.

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Responds quickly

When you accidentally ask something to him/her, they always respond to you in a polite manner. Is it happening already? Hold your horse, as this can be another solid sign of them showing interest in what you talk or gossip.

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Defends you

You are caught in an argument or a brawl and feeling bad that it started in front of your crush. Then suddenly, your crush jumps into the battle to beside and you find yourself in seventh heaven for this gesture. If they are actively demonstrating his/her support for you then honey, you have made it.

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Asks for participation

There is an annual fest coming up and every friend around you is going gung-ho about it. All your friends are gossiping and bustling with joy about how & when to participate in the celebration. When all of a sudden your crush comes over to you and asks for participation in an event. Time to rejoice, as they like to be paired up with you. That’s one strong sign.

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Tries to meet

Your crush has planned for an outing with the close group of friends and you have been invited personally. Great! You have landed in their heart and mind. This sign makes sure that you are set to become the queen/king of their world.

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Friendly with your friends

Is he trying to make friends with your friends? Whenever you are talking with your pals, he/she lands up from nowhere to mingle with them and share a laugh. That’s a positive sign for you to figure out that they’re trying to reach you by befriending your close pals.

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Asks for your help

It’s a party at his/her place. All of your and his close friends are planning to attend the festivity. Your crush asks for your help from you in the arrangement of the function. This shows how keen they are regarding your involvement in the celebration. Catch the sign, go ahead and partner with them in their task.

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Never misses any chance of talking

You are sitting with one of your friends and sharing important notes or information. While your crush arrives and joins in the conversation, comfortably. He tries to understand while expressing his own views on the subject and often corrects you, in a constructive way. This tells that he is making constant efforts to get involved with you and be on your side.

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Compliments you

Another tell-tale sign of your crush’s interest in you is their constant compliments. We usually don’t compliment everyone we meet. Our compliments are reserved for people we love or like the most. While complimenting can be attached to making a positive impression, however, when someone who finds something special in you, will compliment you in a pleasing manner. Try thinking now, have you been complimented yet by them?

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Accepts & forgets your mistakes

You crush is very forgiving of your mistakes. Whether you are landing in heated arguments or making those funny mistakes, but all they are doing is accepting you, even with your imperfections. Jump up high as they are really appreciating you for what you are.

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