7 Super Healthy Breakfast Ideas For You

Purnima Gupta
8:00 PM

There is no dearth of yummy food. You can try to find one dish and plenty of others will pop up in front. Mouth-watering, sumptuous and relishing, yummy food is what we need. Commonly, we eat three meals a day. And breakfast is considered the most important meal of all.

After an 8 or more hours of break, we feed our empty stomach for the first time. Breakfasts must be quick, healthy and something you can easily gorge on. Thus, breakfast should be healthy and rich in nutrients. Many healthy options for breakfasts are available to get our tongue and hands lurking.

Come onboard with us and explore some of the healthiest breakfast meals for you and your family.

Masala Poha

Poha finds its origin in Maharashtra. It’s a quick, easy to cook and yummy recipe containing plenty of nutrients. This dish includes beaten rice flakes, fried with fresh veggies and added with some sugar and lime juice. Poha should be garnished with fresh coriander and some Indian Namkeen for a spicy twist.

Idly with Chutney

Finely grind rice mixture is used to make fluffy idly cakes, as soft as cotton balls. Wow! This sounds like something healthy yet tasty. Idlis make a perfect breakfast quickie for most of us with a coconut or tangy tomato chutney. Idlis originated from South India but the whole nation goes gaga over them.

Tomato & Cheese Sandwich

Well, we Indians are quick in doing mashups. Be it our breakfast. Sandwiches might not be a staple on an Indian platter but we never shy from relishing it. Tomatoes are power packed with antioxidants and vitamins which are good for skin. Portions of melted cheese in a sandwich provides saturated fat content. So, get set and try this!

Chana Chaat

Rich in dietary fiber, protein and low in saturated fat, black chana chaat is as delectable it sounds. You can gorge on this chaat in the morning hours hassle free. Combine the boiled Chana with boiled aloo, lime juice, fresh coriander, carrots and tomatoes and have a healthy start to your day.

Egg & Toast

Nothing can make for an ideal breakfast than golden brown bread toasts with a poached egg. Another foreigner in the Indian breakfast menu, egg and toast combo can uplift anyone’s mood. Also, it’s super easy to make. Eggs are packed with protein and toasted provide those much-needed carbs for energy to go on.

Veggie Upma

Easy, nutritious and colorful, that’s Upma for you. Having originated from South of India again, Upma is a daily staple diet of many Indians homes. Pour lots of veggies like carrots, peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumber into the Upma (made with Rava) after frying. Add some water while stirring. Here you will have the most healthy breakfast recipe on your table.

Rava Chillas

One more Rava dish for you to relish. Chillas are made with Rava soaked in water for about 15-20 mins. The batter of Rava is mixed with veggies and fried as round pancakes. Packed with nutrients, these veggie chillas have become an Indian breakfast favorite.

How did find our quick and healthy breakfast ideas? Do share, like and comment. We are all ears!

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