7 Bad Relationship Habits - Avoid Them At All Cost

Purnima Gupta
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Building a balanced relationship takes lots of effort and time. Things do not happen overnight, as we perceive them to. The couple falls in love but to stay in love and cherish each other requires constant efforts from both ends. Once you have committed to be in a long-term relationship with your partner, you should be determined to face certain challenges also.

Fights over trivial things, brief breaks, jealousy or possessiveness are a part of this complete package called a relationship. No relation is all rosy and happy. There are sorrows and difficulties one has to go through while walking the journey. For those who aspire to walk this path for a longer period of time, we are here for the rescue. We are here to make you aware of certain gaps which most couples fail to identify.

Taking them for granted

You have proclaimed your love for them. And also both of you are head over heels in love with each other. Gradually, with each passing day, your interest for each other is getting stable. The sparks that used to fly initially have calmed down. Now is the time, that couple starts losing interest in each other. Don’t go towards that lane and instead bounce back with more efforts.

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Acting too clingy

Love acts like an adhesive. It literally does. Both of you like to stay together all the time and its no surprise. But being too clingy will take off that attraction to be with each other, pretty soon. Please, please give each other space to be themselves. Do not bind them!

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Being overly jealous or insecure

Insecurity is the most common characteristic in love relations. Some amount of healthy jealous actually, gets you fall in love harder. And there is nothing wrong in that. But being too much jealous and behaving in an over-possessive manner can pose challenges to your partner.

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Loss of trust

You have committed to each other and put a great amount of trust on each other. One of you have made a glitch or have betrayed your trust by lying to you. You might find yourself broken and this is when one can lose trust in their partner. Be very careful during such situation as your commitment binds you to never lose trust in each other. Misunderstandings are allowed but not the loss of trust.

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Flirting around

Many couples can fall into this ditch while they are in a committed relationship. It is understandable that there are beautiful females and handsome men all around. Once you have known your partner well enough, you may try to look out and befriend other females or vice versa. Avoid this mistake at all costs. Remind yourself that commitment is bigger than any attraction and at the end, we will have to settle for one partner only.

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You have been talking all day long. Late night chats and whatsapping have taken a toll on you. Women, especially, like to communicate too much to their male counterparts, resulting in losses of interest in conversing with each other. Avoid this downfall here and communicate when you should to your partner.

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Disagreements over trivial issues

Every couple must avoid getting into unnecessary arguments. Trying to understand each other should be the ultimate goal of a healthy relationship. Small issues sometimes lead to major hurdles for the couples. So, avoid fighting over petty things.

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Here is how you can stop your relationship from falling apart. It is very much in your hand to balance the love. Share your comments below, we are waiting to hear your side.

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