5 Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Corrosion-Free

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Cars act as our partners in those daily struggles on road. Not just as the means of transportation, we would like to keep our cars in best possible conditions. While your annual servicing is right on track, engine health and mileage is under check but there can be other issues which you might not be noticing such as corrosion. These external factors like corrosion can hit the outer body of your car and they tend to turn severe with each passing year. Dents, bumps or scratches are usual issues which you may have been facing every now and then. But corrosion is something that particularly occurs in an old and thoroughly used vehicle.

When corrosion strikes, one might panic and think that it’s time to bid goodbye to your favorite friend. But hold on, there are few workable steps you can start beforehand to prevent the car from the attack of corrosion.

Check during car wash

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Whenever your car is washed, do check body parts of your car for any open areas or parts which can be susceptible to corrosion. It is very important to make sure that there are no open or unpainted areas on your car’s body. All the dents or scratches are covered properly with painting or anti-rust liquids. After washing the car, polish it properly to make your beauty shine like a moon.

Avoid parking near damp areas

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If you wish to keep the paint on your car last for longer period of time then avoid parking them near any water body or places where water can get leaked. Park near airy and clean areas, which are free from dust and all chemicals. Take extra care of your car when you are going out especially on long drives or outstation trips. Make sure you avoid taking your car too much to rivers, lakes, streams, and mountains.

Use good anti-rust solution

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If you suspect that your car can fall into the corrosion trap then go for anti-rust solutions available in the markets. Use them once in every six months. Thoroughly apply the solution either manually or seek best possible professional support. Before going for an anti-corrosion procedure, check the rates manual applying versus professional application.

Apply body sealer

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Most cars have body sealers near seams and joints of the car to prevent dust or moisture from entering and corrode the body parts. Make sure that body sealer is properly applied to your car’s door, hood, back door, and roof; if not then ensure that they are fixed.


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Undercoating the car engine can ensure effective protection from corrosion. With the use of coating procedure, cars are coated with barriers which protect them dust, moisture, and chemicals for a long time. Such type of coating penetrates deep inside the metal and does not wash off easily as it is thick and durable.

Next time when you plan to send the car for the annual check-up, remember the aforementioned tips. Also, don’t refrain from commenting and sharing, we would love to hear from you.

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