5 Best K-Pop Songs You Should Listen To On Loop!

Mohnish Singh
1:11 PM

If you are a music aficionado, chances are high that you love listening to K-Pop music because almost everyone does, especially in Korea and Japan. But if you have just started listening to K-Pop or your interest in the genre is still growing, how will you decide what to listen? Don’t worry. You don’t need to be clueless as we are here to help you. We list here 5 K-Pop songs you should listen to on loop!

  1. DDU-DU DDU-DU (Blackpink)

The four-member girl group called Blackpink has been ruling the charts with each release. If you google about the group, you find out it is one of the most-sought-after music groups in the South Korean music scene with fans spread across the globe. What makes their songs absolutely stunning is the fact that the four gorgeous girls do every possible thing to make them a hit among listeners – from rapping to singing to dancing. Their latest song, “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, is an amazing rendition powered by a catchy chorus and breathtaking visuals.

  1. IDOL (BTS)

No listicle on top 5 K-Pop songs you should listen to on loop is complete without having one or two songs from world’s most popular K-Pop band BTS which enjoys an enviable fanbase in all countries on the earth. Their most recent release, “IDOL” is a must-have on your playlist because it has electric lyrics and a spitfire verse from rapper Nicki Minaj.

  1. BBoom BBoom (Momoland)

Yet another all-girl led a group which is creating waves on the Korean music scene is Momoland. The group came into being on a competition reality TV show and has been winning hearts with their impressive music ever since. Their recent release “BBoom BBoom” has turned out to be an instant hit and does deserve innumerable listens.

  1. Siren (Sunmi)

It is very hard to find hit solo K-Pop artists in South Korea, but thankfully we have Sunmi who has created her own niche in the music world. It is an absolute joy to listen to her new song “Siren” which is loaded with wild dancing and trippy visuals.

  1. Love Scenario (iKON)

iKON, a 7-member boy band, also came into existence on a reality show. Their new song “Love Scenario” is a song which grows over you over time. It is a daydream of a song addressing a lover. You just cannot miss it!

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