25 Best and Free iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Tweaks

Ruby Balagso
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The most awaited Electra Jailbreak for the iOS 11.3 – iOS 11.2 has recently been released by the CoolStar and Electra team. So, it is time to see the best free iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak tweaks that everyone should know about.

You can visit YouTube to get a first-hand view of the said tweaks on iTweakz – Cody Crouch’s video; and see for yourself what each tweak does and how they can enhance your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in and out.

Below is a summarized account of every jailbreak tweak that was featured in the above-mentioned video.

  1. iCleanerPro

iCleaner Pro is similar to the CleanMyMac that is intended for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The iCleanerPro deletes unwanted files such as keyboards, unused languages, voice control languages, and more to clear up the iOS storage space. The iCleaner is a handy tool to maximize gadgets and devices’ storage spaces.

  1. NudeKeys

NudeKeys permit the user to alter or modify the impression and appearance of the iOS’s keyboard.

  1. LeadMeHome

LeadMeHome makes it simpler to locate icons on the iPhone’s Home screen.

  1. SmoothCursor

The SmoothCursor allows the cursor to move smoothly forward or backward when typing or deleting a text.

  1. Rocket for Instagram

Rocket for Instagram permits the user to post and view stories in incognito aside from doing more tasks.

  1. SimplePasscodeButtons

This tweak lets the user hide numbers or letters on the passcode buttons.

  1. NoMoreSmallApps

The NoMoreSmallApps extends the UI of the iPhone X apps that make the app fit the actual screen size of your iPhone X.

  1. RealCC

When the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth toggle in the Control Center has been disabled in iOS 11, the device for the iOS will instantly disconnect from the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks and accessories respectively. This tweak permits the user to deactivate the Wi-Fi from the Control Center instead of merely disconnecting it.

  1. StatusSwitcher

This particular tweak shows the app switcher’s status bar.

  1. SugarCane

The SugarCane on iOS 11 includes percentage labels on the Control Center Sliders.

  1. PullToRespring

Having a simple means to respring your gadget is nice to have. This can be easily done by opening the app for Settings then pulling it from the top downwards.

  1. 9Folderz

This tweak brings the iOS 9 folder style back to iOS 11.

  1. IGDarkMode

The IGDarkMode comes free from the Packix repository. This is the official Instagram app dark mode.

  1. RomanPasscode

This tweak allows users to use Roman numerals for Lock screen passcodes.

  1. CertRemainTime

CertRemainTime allows users to see the remaining time prior to the expiration of the Electra app’s certificate.

  1. TweakCompatible

TweakCompatible augments a way to scrutinize tweak similarities or compatibilities.

  1. Flame

This tweak provides a set of special fresh features that are not in the Cydia, which makes it more convenient for users to do different tasks while enhancing their experience.

  1. Cylinder

The cylinder is a great jailbreak tweak which has the ability to liven up the app icons of the Home screen as the user browses from page to page. This tweak offers dozens of animated effects that make the Home screen impressive to look at.

  1. Filza

The Filza is a known alternate for the iFile for gadgets that have been jailbroken to give users access to the system’s file.

  1. Dark Messages

This tweak provides the dark mode to the app for Messages.

  1. Floating Dock

With the Floating Dock, users get the floating layout on their iPhone’s iPad dock.

  1. SwipeForMore

SwipeForMore allows the installation or uninstallation of Jailbreak Tweaks just by a swipe.

  1. Goodges

Goodges shows or exhibits the notification count of an app on a gadget or device Home screen label.

  1. Safari Full URL

This illustrates the whole URL in Safari

  1. NoPageDots

The NoPageDots eliminates the page dots on the Home screen of the iPhone.

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