Egypt saw its deadliest terrorist bombings in Sinai Peninsula leaving 235 dead and critically wounding 104 others. The attack was termed as the most ruthless and deadliest attacks in Egypt. The bombing took place at a local Sufi mosque where people gathered for prayers on this Friday. This attack on Sufi mosque is a monumental blow to Egypt’s hopes of peacekeeping and an end of violence in Sinai sponsored by militants and IS (Islamic State).

Reportedly, a group of gunmen targeted many innocent people who were trying to escape after the blast took place. They mercilessly open fired on people running for life. Vehicles parked nearby were set ablaze in a bid to stop rescue forces from launching the counter-attack. Due to this, rescue operations were hampered drastically. Militants also opened fire on ambulances also trying to reach the scene to rescue the wounded.

Rescue Efforts

Soon after the attacks, locals and rescue workers many to the nearby civil hospital. There was lots of chaos, dead bodies in the dusty smoke while workers used cattle carts to transport wounded in a hurry. Local residents are terrified by the attack and condemned the extremists who are responsible for this. The attacked mosque was built for the followers of Sufism.

Sinai Peninsula is marred by the Muslim extremist terror group called Islamic State (IS) which operate in the area and have been responsible for a number of other attacks in the past including churches. Local people from Sawarka tribe were targeted for cooperating with security forces against the terrorist insurgency in the Peninsula.

Warnings by the Islamic State

Local IS (Islamic State) chief killed two Sufi clerics last month after issuing a warning to the followers of Sufism. In January the Islamic State magazine published the interview of its commander who openly expressed his hatred for Sufism and their practices. He also alleged that this form of belief is against fundamental Islam and the religious practices followed by the sect are nothing more than sorcery and witchcraft, according to the NY Times report.

World Leaders Responded

Further, while the bombings shook Egypt, top world leaders including US President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau strongly condemned the attack on the mosque, according to reports published in BBC. United States President, Donald Trump tweeted his deepest condolences to the President of Egypt. He said that this attack proves that joining hands to fight this type of terrorist activities is the only way forward.

On the other hand, Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has pledged to come stronger against those involved in the blast. He further quoted that such attacks shall in no way stop Egypt in fighting terrorism. Egypt will continue to be strong and these attacks will be avenged strategically.

The Egyptian military has also bombed terrorist hideouts in revenge. They destroyed vehicles and ammunition present at those terrorist dens. Egypt declared 3 days of mourning in the wake of this attack.