Razer Blade 2019: Rumored Release Date, Price and What We Want To See

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When it comes to gaming laptops, one of the laptop models that will immediately come to mind is the Razer Blade. So although the company has just released its 2018 version a few months ago and it was warmly welcomed, we can’t help but already speculate regarding next year’s version.

So when is the Razer Blade 2019 coming? How much will it cost? What are its expected specs and features that fans would like to see? Let’s find out.

The Release Date

According to a report, for this year’s model, it was released back in May. With this, it is expected that for the 2019 Razer Blade, the company will follow the same pattern as well. But given that this is only a speculation, it’s best to take this with a pinch of salt.

The Price Tag

With its price tag, we’ll also be looking at the currently available model. At this moment, the said laptop starts in at a price of $1,899 which comes with an 8th-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and a GTX 1060.  With this, the Raze Blade 2019 is expected to feature the same price or just a little bit higher.

What Fans Want To See

Just like any other upcoming device that has a predecessor, there will be things that fans would like to see improved on the successor. What are these things?

Better Cooling

Although the current model packs in powerful specs, one of the things that it suffers from are that it doesn’t have the best ventilation which can make the device very hot. Hopefully, for the upcoming model, the company will do something about this.

Packed With Powerful Chips

As you may have already heard, Intel and Nvidia will be releasing its next-generation chips. If Raze doesn’t take advantage of this, their laptops will be somewhat underpowered. But of course, we hope that this won’t greatly affect its pricing, like making it more expensive.

Longer Battery Life

Right now, there are gaming laptops that can produce battery life numbers beyond five hours. However, the current model underperforms from this at it because according to a movie test review by Tech Radar, it was only able to last 2 hours and 46 minutes.

Lesser Weigh

This year’s model sports a thin design but is also heavy – weighing 2.10kg. It would be cool if the upcoming model it will be lighter.

Are you excited about the Razer Blade 2019? Do you agree with the expectations mentioned? Tell us in the comment section below.

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