2019 Mac Mini: Release Date And Want Fans Want To See

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After 4 long years, Apple finally updated the Mac mini in 2018. When will the next model be released? Will the Cupertino-based tech company release a successor this year or will we have to wait another 4 years?

Putting that aside, for this article, we will be focusing more on what tech enthusiasts want to see on the Mac mini 2019.

But First… When Is It Coming?

Based on the currently available model, we can expect the 2019 Mac mini in October. However, if we are going to base it on the other previous models, it could be refreshed on a different month. Take for example the third-generation model as it was introduced in June 2010.

But is a successor coming this year? That we don’t know. So far there hasn’t been any very convincing rumors or leaks to let tech enthusiasts believe that one is coming. For now, everything is pure speculations.

What Fans Want To See

Assuming that a 2019 Mac mini is coming, what features should it have?

Cheaper Base Model

As noted by TechRadar, although the 2018 Mac mini’s performance is great, the price is a bit expensive — But hey, it’s Apple. The currently available model starts at $799.

More Storage

With its $799 starting price tag, the 2018 version comes with a base configuration of 128GB SSD storage. In today’s standards, this is the bare minimum for desktops. Hopefully, the 2019 Mac mini will have 256GB as its base.

Better Integrated Graphics

One of the issues pointed out by tech enthusiasts about the 2018 models is that its integrated graphics are underwhelming in just about every graphics-intensive application. To get over this issue, some resorted to adding external GPU to their setups. Hopefully, for the 2019 Mac mini, this won’t be an issue.

Separate The Supply Power

Another issue pointed out by tech enthusiasts regarding the 2018 model is that some experience units experienced thermal throttling and overheating, peaking at over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. For the 2019 Mac mini, tech enthusiasts concluded that separating the built-in power supply could be an effective way to manage this heat problem.

More User Upgradability

Another issue is the lack of user upgradability for the 2018 model. The thing is, the Mac mini models were known for their upgradability, allowing its users to update the CPU, RAM, and storage. But for the 2018 version, only the RAM is upgradeable.

Although the 2018 model’s CPU and storage can be upgraded, that’s only you’re in the process of ordering them. Add into the fact that things can be very expensive pretty quickly, where the cost can reach up to $3,999, it certainly leaves a bad taste.

Better Speakers

The last issue (hopefully) pointed out by some tech enthusiasts is the poor speaker quality of the 2018 model. Hopefully, the 2019 Mac mini will come with better speakers.

Do you agree with the list? Tell us in the comment section below.

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