2019 iPhone SE2: Everything You Need To Know

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Apple’s iPhone SE2 (aka iPhone SE 2) is one of the highly anticipated smartphones this year which so far hasn’t yet appeared. Although there’s still one and a half months before 2018 will end, reports are already suggesting the said smartphone to be released in 2019.

Why Are Reports Suggesting The iPhone SE2 Won’t Be Released This Year?

Back in January 2018, in regards to a possible iPhone SE2 release this year, well-known analysts Ming-Chi Kuo doubted it. According to him, Apple will be releasing three iPhone models in the second half of 2018 and that the company may have already used up its development resources.

“The announcement of three new iPhone models in the same quarter in the second half of 2017 was the first time Apple made such a major endeavor, and we believe the delay of iPhone X, which had the most complicated design yet, shows that Apple doesn’t have enough resources available for development. […]

With three new models in the pipeline for the second half of 2018, we believe Apple may have used up its development resources. Also, we think the firm will do all it can to avoid repeating the mistake of a shipment delay for the three new models. As such, we believe Apple is unlikely to have enough spare resources to develop a new iPhone model for launch in 2Q18.

So far, this prediction from Kuo has come true. There was no sign of the iPhone SE2 in March, June, September, and October. All we have are the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Mas, and iPhone XR.

iPhone SE2 Coming In 2019?

There’s a debate if whether the iPhone SE2 has been forever replaced by the iPhone XR as the “budget iPhone model” or not. This is mainly because of the price tags:

  • iPhone XR starts at $749 for its 64GB model and can cost up to $899 for its 256GB model.
  • iPhone SE is currently priced at $399 for its 32GB variant and $499 for its 128GB variant.

Whether it’s true or not, we can’t say for sure at the moment. All we have for now are these reports from MacWorld and Technobezz.

According to MacWorld, Chinese-language site Economic Daily reported that Apple is working on a low-end and lower-priced iPhone model codenamed as “Hangzhou” which was reportedly designed to “seize the low-end market” in China and India. As for exact release date, the article didn’t say.

Meanwhile, Technobezz reports that the iPhone SE2 may come in 2019, but didn’t say which month. The article said that “an analyst predicts that Apple may have exhausted its windows for the release of devices for the calendar year…

Although the article didn’t say the name of the analysts, we (73Buzz) assume it’s Ming-Chi Kuo because it sounds similar to Kuo’s prediction “we believe Apple may have used up its development resources”. But what do you think? Is the article quoting Kuo?

But What If There’s No 2019 iPhone SE2?

There’s another issue that needs to be addressed. According to Valuewalk, back in October, Kuo claimed that the Cupertino-based tech company will only launch successors to the iPhone XS and XR in 2019.

Assuming that Kuo is correct, it eliminates the possibility of a 2019 iPhone SE2. Will we have to wait until 2020 instead?

There’s even the iPhone Hangzhou which is described as a low-end and lower-priced iPhone model. Assuming it does exist, is the successor of the iPhone SE or is it a separate device?

What Are Its Expected Specs/Features?

According to Valuewalk, in terms of design, a report from China back in February claimed that there won’t be that many differences between the iPhone SE and SE2. Valuewalk also noted a couple of rumored specs and features from other reports.

Here’s a rundown of its rumored specs and features:

  • iPhone SE2 will feature a 4.2-inch screen which is 2 inches larger compared to the iPhone SE. The increase is mainly due to reduced bezels.
  • It will be 7.3 mm thick just like the iPhone 8.
  • It won’t feature an all-screen display like the iPhone X.
  • It will feature a physical home button.
  • It will ditch the headphone jack.
  • It will be packed with the A10 Fusion chip.
  • It may feature 2GB of RAM and 32GB/128GB storage.
  • For its rear camera, it could be 12MP with a f/2.2 aperture.
  • For its front camera, it could be 5MP/7MP FaceTime camera with Retina Flash.
  • Color options are Silver, Space Grey, and Gold.

Do you think Apple will release an iPhone SE2 next year? If yes, what month? Tell us in the comment section below.

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