It’s now in March. This month, Apple is expected to host an event. Among the devices that are expected to be presented on the event, there’s the 7th-generation iPad (aka 2019 iPad).

Regarding the 7th-generation iPad, there are a few “new” rumors about it. Read on to find out.

Same Old Design?

According to reports, Japanese site Mac Otakara was able to get some interesting information suggesting that the 7th-generation iPad will have no design changes. To be specific, the said tablet will retain Touch ID and the 3.5mm headphone jack.

What About The Screen Size?

Aside from the Touch ID and headphone jack, there was another detail that the Japanese site mentioned. That is the screen size which is a bit mixed.

Firstly, let’s look back at past rumors regarding the 7th-generation iPad. Back in December 2018, there was a rumor that the 2019 iPad will be replaced by an iPad that features 10-inch screen within a narrower frame(the 2017 and 2018 version features 9.7 inches) and that there will be two variants.

Now with Mac Otakara’s report, they noted that one supplier said that the display is “10 inches” but another said that the display size has not been changed. Nevertheless, the Japanese site said that Apple will likely debut two new iPads at the same time.

So When Can We Expect It?

Unfortunately, the Japanese site didn’t say. However, if we look at the release dates of the previous models (2017 and 2018), they were released in March.

As for the date of the upcoming 2019 Apple March event, it is reportedly going to be at the 25th. There are many products that are expected to be presented there, including the iPad mini 5, iPod Touch 7, AirPods 2 and more. Check out our article on what to expect at the event “link“.

Are you excited about Apple’s upcoming 2019 March event? What are your thoughts about the 7th-generation iPad? Tell us in the comment section below.