2019 iPad Wishlist: Apple Pencil 2, Better Camera And More

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One of the highly anticipated Apple products to be released this year is the 7th-generation iPad or 2019 9.7-inch iPad or 2019 iPad (there have been rumors that it may feature a different screen size). In the past few months, we’ve heard a few rumors here and there. To those who are interested in some of the latest rumors, click this link.

Putting aside those rumors, for this article, we’ll be focusing on what fans want to expect. Here is a wishlist on what they want to see featured on the 2019 iPad.

But First… When Can We Expect It?

Assuming that Apple will be following the release date of the previous models, we can safely assume that the 2019 iPad will be released this March. As for what date, recent reports have noted that it will be on the 25th.

The Wishlist

First on the list is to have the 2019 iPad offered in a variety of colors, specifically brighter colors. As noted by TechRadar: Although this won’t revolutionize the new iPad, it will at least add a little fun to its design.

Second of the list is an improved camera setup of the 2019 iPad. Love it or hate it, having a device with good camera specs is definitely most of the people would love. Putting aside selfies, the camera on a tablet still has some other uses such as video chat and document scanning.

Third, on the list is support for Apple Pencil 2. The 2018 version came with Apple Pencil support. So for the 2019 iPad, fans are hoping it will come with Apple Pencil 2 support.

Fourth on the list that the 2019 iPad should have is improved speakers. The speakers of the 2018 version were good, no doubt about that. But given that a successor is coming, that successor should be better than its predecessor. Plus, as noted by TechRadar, for the 2019 iPad to have much better speakers will make the device ideal for use as a portable cinema, gaming console or music player without headphones, as well as being more useful as a music editing suite.

The fifth item on the list is to let the 2019 iPad come with higher screen quality — at least have the iPhone XR’s screen. The thing is, the 2017 and 2018 iPads featured LCD displays while the iPhone XR featured a superior Liquid Retina LCD tech. Of course, AMOLED is also welcome, but that may affect the price tag too much.

The sixth one based on other reports is for the 2019 iPad to retain the same old features. These features include Touch ID and the headphone jack.

Do you agree with the wishlist? What other things would you add? Tell us in the comment section below.

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