Mac Mini 2018 Update: 5 Things That Apple's Low-Cost Desktop Needs

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Apple updated Mac Mini in October 2014. It has not had an update for the past four years. Even though the company has not revealed any plans, people are hopeful of a Mac Mini 2018.

The need for a redesign complete with updated and unique features will add novelty to Mac mini, Apple’s low-cost desktop. Listed below are five features and specifications that Mac lovers would love to see in Mac Mini 2018.

Storage Space and Redesigning Mac Mini in 2018

Mac Mini got an all-aluminum unibody enclosure way back in 2010. While it undoubtedly looked great with the body parts much easier to replace and repair as compared to its previous model, the design is eight years old now.

The bar-style concept is something that Apple can experiment in Mac Mini 2018. This would enable it to place in front of a monitor, or just behind it.

A thinner, smaller and quieter Mac mini is something that people would like to see the latest update. According to rumors that floated around in 2017, Apple’s high-end Mac mini will be bigger, which means that more powerful components will be used.

The components consume maximum space in the Mac mini are the drive, power supply, logic board, and fan. Though the power supply does take up a bit of space, shifting to the minute flash storage as in other Apple’s latest circuit boards will help save space and density.

Component Upgrade for Power Boost

Mac Mini 2018 must include a component upgrade. This would give tough competition to other small form factor PC. Asus VivoMini and Intel NUC have been upgraded to 7th- and 8th-generation Intel Core processors respectively.

An all-new CPU, as opposed to the current Mac mini’s 4th generation, would be refreshing to see. Further, updating the silicon would make Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), 4K video and Display Port 1.2 possible. The process will certainly give an immense power boost to 2018 Mac mini.

The inclusion of Keyboard and Mouse

The best part of Mac mini is that it is compact, takes up little space and is not too expensive either. Starting at $500, the Mac Mini is best suitable for those who are not interested in spending a huge amount on a MacBook or iMac. Since it lacks a screen, it just needs to be plugged into any computer monitor, thereby making an affordable Mac computer.

Essential accessories like mouse and keyboard have to be bought separately from Mac mini. Hence the buyers will have to spend additional money for the parts that ideally must come along with it.

TouchBar and Touch ID

New peripherals in 2018 Mac mini update will be a great advantage. There has been very little development that has taken place on the Touch Bar front since it was introduced. Apple must consider installing an updated keyboard with Touch ID and a TouchBar in 2018 Mac mini update.

4K Support for 2018 Mac Mini

Mac mini 2018 can act as an alternative to the Apple TV. However, in order for that to be made possible, it must be a capable 4K machine, unlike the previous models.

In case the new machine will feature recent Intel processors, then the integrated graphics must give it enough graphical power to handle 4K.

It would be interesting to see Apple use this technology in this 2018 Mac mini update or any of their upcoming products.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had recently mentioned how important Mac mini is to Apple. Hence, in spite of not seeing any update in the year 2017, a major overhaul is expected in Mac Mini 2018.

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