iPhone X Plus, 11 and 9 Might Damage Apple’s Connection with US Carriers

Ruby Balagso
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Numerous leaks have been linked to the iPhone 11, iPhone X Plus, and the LCD iPhone 9. However, a very recent haunch may have stirred things up. The 2018 iPhones are the first models to feature eSIMS, which supports the overwriting of previous data. Thus, the said iPhones do not require a sim tray or a SIM card.

Although the aforementioned feature can provide lots of advantages for users, it may affect the relationship of Apple with network carriers, as noted by SlashGear. In essence, that may be Apple’s goal. The high-tech company has previously utilized the eSIM technology, specifically for the Apple Watch.

But even if Apple used the eSIM technology for their Apple Watch it still necessitated the presence of a carrier to be linked with an iPhone in order to make it operational. In a dissimilar fashion, this specific eSIM iPhone rumor is coupled with another uncertain rumor where the iPhones will have dual SIMs. Nevertheless, if this works out, then US carriers might be in a tight spot, says Barron’s.

iPhone users still need to have a carrier subscription for the phones to work. But with the presence of an eSIM, the carriers’ part will diminish and would likewise undermine its authority with the users of iPhones.

Within the present system, customers will primarily choose their carrier where they will likewise be purchasing their iPhones. This is usually done when users want to avail of financing privileges. But with eSIMS in the equation, choosing a carrier can be done at a later time.

The above scenario offers consumers more leeway to switch carriers if they only need to deal primarily with Apple. This is similar to buying unlocked phones that have or don’t have financing alternatives. But the two big differences is that first, Apple is able to do it without having to please carriers; and second Apple is in control of the situation.

In reality, Apple is transferring the volume of control into its own backyard from the carriers. The company began this move by giving its own version of installment programs and upgrade plans. To some extent, the integration of eSIMs in its iPhones where consumers can deal directly with Apple is just another way towards the same direction of placing carriers in the sidelines.

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