2018 iPad Pro Lineup Might Have Two Variants Once Revealed

Daphne Planca
3:14 PM

The tech giant Apple is said to be currently in works on something for the upcoming iPad Pro 2018 lineup. The tablets are expected to outshine the 7nm FinFET SoC concerning its performance and to come running the A12X chipset and a Vortex graphics processing unit.

According to The Star, the recent report speculated that an Apple hardware event is coming this couple weeks based on the iOS 12.1 beta. The code of this operating system exposes what is about to come for the tablets. There will be two variants of both a WiFi model and LTE model. The company seems to remain with the IPS LCD screen technology and retain the 120Hz refresh rate to ensure smooth animations when you get down to using these devices.

The 2018 iPad Pros will follow the edge-to-edge trend. There will be no notch and home button like the current iPhone XS. The bezels will be slimmer than the previous model. The Face ID feature of the iPad Pro 3 will be similar to the current iPhone X and works best in portrait and landscape orientations. This feature certainly indicates no more home button on these devices.

These tablets could be attached via a new Magnetic Connector or an external pointing device like a trackpad or mouse. The current iPads come with external keyboard support. They will offer the USB-C port and external display capabilities. Users can control the resolution, the 4K high-definition resolution video, and brightness to achieve the best video presentation.

A surprising confirmation is the presence of a new Apple Pencil for the upcoming iPad Pro 3 and other 2018 iPad Pro. If the expected Apple October event will happen soon, the new Macs, as well as the 2018 iPad Pro lineup, will be completely refreshed just in time for the winter holidays.

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