iMac Pro 2018 Release Slated For Q4 This Year: Specs, Features, and Price Detailed

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One of the highly anticipated devices this year is the iMac Pro 2018 (a.k.a iMac Pro 2). With its highly acclaimed 2017 model, fans are hoping that a new version will be coming this year. Here are the things that you need to know about the device:

Display & Processor Predictions

According to the well-known analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of TF international Securities, this year’s iMac will have a significant display performance upgrade. However, the analyst didn’t go into detail as to what this will entail.

Looking at the 2017 model, it features a 27-inch screen with a screen resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels and 60 Hertz refresh rate. What kind of display performance upgrade will it get is anybody’s guess.

Another prediction made by Kuo regarding the iMac is that it will also have a processor refresh. Again, just like the display performance upgrade, the analyst didn’t go into details.

The Release Date

Regarding its release date, the iMac Pro 2018 model is expected to come this fall. Although Kuo didn’t get a specific date, based on the previous model, it was released on December 14, 2017. With this, we can assume that the device will most likely be released on December – assuming that it is coming this year.

However, another report suggests that the device’s release date could be delayed until the second quarter of 2019. As to why this is because the next generation of Xeon W processors (Cascade Lake W chips) expected to power the 2018 iMac Pro is set to arrive on the second half of 2018. So although Apple could release its 2018 model towards the end of the year and assuming that Apple does intends to update its 2017 model, releasing it on 2019 seems more likely.


Assuming that the next generation of Xeon W processors will be packed on the 2018 model, then it could possibly feature the Cascade Lake Xeon W chip. With this, it will add support for DDR-T Optane DIMMs and 2933 MT/s DDR4 (up from 2666 MT/s).

The Price Tag

Regarding its price tag, there are no leaks or official announcement yet on how much will it cost. For now, the only clue we have is the 2017 model’s price which costs currently starts at £4,899/£4,999. Whether the upcoming model will feature the same price range or not is anybody’s guess.

So what do you think about the latest revelation by Kuo about the iMac Pro 2018? We would like to hear from you on the comment section below.

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