Apple Mac Mini 2018: What We Want To See, Release Date, Price

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Expected to come this year is the Mac Mini 2018. With this, fans have a wish list on what they want to see for the upcoming device. Let’s review them.

New and Attractive Design

Although the current Mac mini does look good, fans are still hoping for a new look. Let’s face it: it’s been years since Apple released one which was way back on October 16, 2014. So it does seem reasonable that the device should have a major makeover.

In fact, back in 2017, a rumor suggests that the high-end version of the device “won’t be so mini anymore”. When people heard this, it led them to assume that more powerful components will be added which will require more room for better cooling – thus the phrase “won’t be so mini anymore”.

More Power

In terms of performance, fans are hoping that Mac Mini 2018 will be able to compete with other small form factor PCs like the Asus VivoMini and Intel NUC which are packed with 7th and 8th generation Intel Core processors. It would be really cool that the presumably upcoming Apple device will be packed with the latest processors available and that it will feature modern amenities like Thunderbolt (USB-C), Display Port 1.2 and 4K video.

4K Support

Speaking of 4K video, it would be really cool if the said device could act as an alternative to the Apple TV. If it will be at least packed with recent Intel processors, then chances are, it will be capable of enough to handle the graphical power of up to 4K.

A Complete Bundle With Essential Accessories Included

Yeah, sure, the device is known for being the most compact and economical Apple computer around. However, it’s also known for its lack of included accessories like mouse and keyboard. What kind makes its frustrating is that, for its accessories, you will have to buy them separately: Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard, which are essential regardless of what many would say – especially the keyboard.


Another thing that fans want to see is more flash drive options. With its current flagship, it features Fusion Drive which combines flag memory and standard drive for faster operations.  We would like to see something better and faster.


With the current model, the standard version features only 4 GB of RAM. Hopefully, with the upcoming version, the standard version would be at least a bit higher. In fact, even the MacBook Air features 8 GB RAM as its standard.

When Can We Expect It?

Although there hasn’t been any official announcement yet from the Cupertino company regarding the Mac Mini 2’s release date, we have a few leads – just two actually. One, the current model was released back in October 16, 2014. With this, reports are suggesting that it could be released this October. The other rumor came from well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who predicted that it could come this autumn.

In fact, there is already a Mac mini 2. However, it is only available to Apple employees. According to reports, it was made out of the aluminum from recycled iPhone 6 handsets.

How Much Will It Cost?

Just like its release date, there are no official announcements made so we can also turn towards the current model. The cheapest model currently sits at £479 ($629), while the middle costs £679 ($892) and the high-end costs £949 ($1,247).

So what do you think about this Mac Mini 2018 wishlist? Do you agree with it? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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