Apple iPad Pro 3: Thoughts and Opinions, Release Date, Price, Rumors

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Expected to come this year is the Apple’s iPad Pro 3 or 2018 iPad Pro. But will people even like it? Will they even buy it?

9to5mac’s Ben Lovejoy who is known for his op-eds and diary pieces where he explores his experience of Apple products over time for a more rounded review shares his story about having an iPad Pro, specifically the 2017 version. In his story, he ponders if he will buy this year’s upcoming version and shares his thoughts about it.

The Screen Size

One of the things he talked about is jumping from the 2016 version which features a 9.7-inch screen to the 2017 version which features a 10.5-inch display. According to him, the difference between 9.7 and 10.5 inches doesn’t seem much on paper. But after examining, using and comparing the two in person, he realized that the difference actually feels much greater.

Speaking about screen sizes, for this year’s iPad Pro 3, reports suggest that two variants will be coming: 11 inches and 12.9 inches. Comparing it to last year’s models, the smaller one features a 10.5-inch display while the larger one features 12.9 inches.  And just like last year, he expects that for this year he will get the same feeling when he finally gets to compare the 10.5-inch and 11-inch screens personally.

Face ID

Aside from the screen, he also talks about Face ID which you may already know based from the name alone is that it’s a facial recognition feature. According to him, given that he has an iPhone X which comes with a facial recognition feature and he has already gotten used to it so, it would feel clunky for him to have to use his thumb to unlock his iPad.

This would be one of the reasons why he will buy this year’s rumored iPad Pro 3 as it is expected to come with Face ID. In fact, according to reports, it will also come with support for landscape oriented Face ID recognition and multi-user Face ID.


Last year’s larger model featured a 12.9-inch screen, and for this year, it is said to feature the same screen size but the overall size will be decreased, making it more portable and easier to manage. Although this sounds amazing, for Lovejoy, it will still be too big for eBook reading and it will also be too large to routinely carry around.

So When Will It Be Released?

Regarding its release date, reports suggest that the devices could be announced in September or October. Meanwhile, well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that it will arrive in the second half of 2018 but didn’t mention any specific date.

What Will Be Its Price Tags?

For the price tags, well, the smaller version is expected to have a starting price of $649. Meanwhile, the larger version is expected to start at around $799.

Rumored Specs And Features

Aside from the already mentioned screen sizes and Face ID, both devices are said to come with other features as well. Both will come with a notch similar to the iPhone X, it will ditch the Home Button and go for an edge-to-edge screen, 4 GB of RAM and a more powerful processor compared to its predecessor.

Do you agree with Lovejoy’s thoughts and opinions? Are you looking forward to buying the iPad Pro 3? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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