2 Easy Ways To Recover Files From Corrupted Hard Drive or Memory Card

Maricris Jose
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Have you ever experienced being attacked by one or more unfamiliar virus? Just in case yes, maybe you already know that virus attacks will result in unanticipated data loss on a hard drive or memory card.

For those who are using hard drive or memory that have no idea about how to recuperate virus infected files, it is really a tragedy. Luckily, there are two probable solutions for virus infected file recovery. The first one is to recover virus infected files using CMD and the second one is to recover virus infected files using professional data recovery software.

Solution #1: The use of CMD to recover files from virus infected hard drive or memory card

When the user’s data or files were lost or inaccessible because of virus attacks, once can try CMD first to recover virus infected records. This is the first solution since this method is free and easy. Now, these are the process of how it works.

Step 1: Hook up your hard drive, memory card or USB drive to your computer

Step 2: Head to the start menu, type in “cmd” in a search bar, tap enter and afterward the user can see something named “cmd. exe” below a list of programs.

Step 3: Right click “cmd. exe” and then the user will have to get the command windows that permits him to recover virus infected files. Type in “attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.*”, for example, “attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*.*”.

After all the aforementioned steps, Windows will start to restore the virus infected hard drive, memory card or USB drive. Most frequently, it needs one or more minutes to finish restoring, so please wait patiently.

Once the restoration process is already finished, the user can no go to their drive or card to check if he can already see all the virus infected files. Just in case the user has been successful in recovering the data and files from USB, memory card or hard drive which is corrupted, well done! But if not, there’s no reason to be upset, because there is another option. The user can try a third-party data recovery software.

Solution #2: Utilize EaseUS data recovery software to restore virus infected files

When you fail to accomplish virus file recovery using CMD, the EaseUS hard drive data recovery software is a very nice substitute solution. The said program is professional recovery software for a hard drive and all other external storage devices.

With its dominant file recovery capability, it can efficiently recover erased, corrupted or concealed files from virus infected hard drives, memory cards or USB drives. Apart from that, this virus file recovery process is tremendously easy. The user will just have to answer two simple questions and the program will be the one to do the entire job for you. For the step-by-step tutorial, here is the link.

These are two easiest way to recover the files and data on the virus infected hard drive, memory card or other external storages devices. Do you know other ways to do it? Please share it with us through our comment section below.

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