13-Inch MacBook Air 2018 Might Replace MacBook Air - The Future of The Low-Cost Apple Notebook

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MacBook Air has been around for quite some time now and many fans were amazed by the compact designs followed by its lower price tag compared to its higher-tier contemporaries in the Apple line. But can we see a clear future for the famous lightweight notebook or we might see the rumored 13-Inch MacBook Air 2018 replaces the line? Let’s check out the latest news about this line.

Over the last couple of years, MacBook Air is one of the recipients of major rumors in the Apple line. We have seen numerous talks about this and some came from reliable sources. However, the line received fewer than expected updates over the past few years.

To be exact, in the current technology we have in our notebooks, we can consider that the MacBook Air is more like an outdated product if compared side-by-side with other notebooks in the market. However, this might be the perfect stage for Apple to launch its new 13-inch predecessor.

Being observed in recent Apple products, the branding ‘Air’ was dropped and were updated to other low-cost lines. These can be seen in the iPad line where the iPad Air variants were replaced by a lower costs table.

By doing this, the company might introduce two main variants in every product line. In the case of the MacBook Air, the ‘Air’ will be dropped and will be replaced by the budget 13-Inch MacBook.

Like what we have seen in their lines, Apple will get a streamlined product branding. Their first line would be suited for everyday use and the other one would be the Pro variant with excellent specs and performance. This calibration will get us the iMac and the iMac Pro, iPad and the iPad Pro and this year, we might see MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

MacBook 2018 Specs and Designs

One of the most anticipated updates to the rumored MacBook Air replacement, the 13-inch MacBook would be the jump from to a Retina Display. The notebook is well behind in the display section compared to other Apple products.

For its internals, the MacBook Air 2018 might use the recently announced 8th gen CPUs, the U and Y-Series processor from Intel that goes by the name Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake respectively. This is a huge jump from what we see in the current MacBook Air which features a fifth-gen Core processor. If Apple uses the new 8th generation Intel Core processors, the new MacBook will have a huge boost in its performance for both its computing power and graphics capabilities.

Apple will surely incorporate its butterfly keyboards to the new MacBook Air 2018. This butterfly keyboard is known for its thinner design that will fit the thin structure of the new notebook. For those who loved the feeling of typing in the old-style keyboards found in MacBook Air, don’t keep your hopes up and there is a very slim chance of this to be found in the 2018 model.

Pricing and Release Date

Don’t confuse yourselves with the ‘low-cost’ tagging in the new MacBook. Also, don’t expect the new notebook to be at the same price level as other notebooks that is tagged with a $400 to $600 mark. For the company, ‘low-cost’ might mean lower than other Apple products.

The MacBook Air was tagged at $999 and we are expecting that the new MacBook will play around $899. The $100 cut from the old notebook’s price would be a good deal. For now, we might have to wait until Apple announces its one-time-big-time release in the last quarter of the year.

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