WWE 2K19 Confirmed To Launch This Fall; Expected Features To Return Specified

Maricris Jose
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The fans of the WWE series are supposing that the WWE 2K19 will arrive this fall. But on Wednesday, May 17, 2018, their assumption was confirmed through the much-anticipated video game’s Twitter account.

WWE 2K19 Release Date

According to Forbes, the first piece of the report about the WWE 2K19 was released in May when the video game was formally announced. The said announcement was just a simple tweet coming from the series’ official Twitter account saying that the game will be unveiled during fall.

WWE 2K19 Anticipated Features

Now that the launch is already confirmed, let’s now move on to the expected features of the WWE 2K19.

2k Showcases

WhatCulture reported that showcases, when done right, were a complete flash to play through. These weren’t the mode to plump for if video gamers enjoyed total freedom, but they did let for fan communication with some of the major moments in WWE history. That was the real purpose, and 2K smashed it. With that being said, there’s no reason why the WWE 2K19 couldn’t sport a similar career retroactive for The Undertaker, Kurt Angle or even other WWE legends like Chris Jericho.

Story Mode

In case the story mode is combined with the linear story of the Showcases, a coming back to the old Story Mode setup THQ utilized in the games like SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth and Here Comes The Pain would be a treat for some older fans. It’s also something younger video gamers haven’t fully experienced either, and pretty bizarre to write.


In this feature, the gamer had the capability to liberally flex their own creative muscles and turn up with an angle of the story they wanted. It’s extravagant, silly and more than a little controversial, but the power to make one’s own story from scratch is something that’s deeply missed from 2K18’s feature set, thus many wanted it to come back in WWE 2K19. Once more, it’s one 2K formerly used before deciding it must be tossed on the scrap heap in favor of pushing through the Universe Mode.

Special Referee Matches

2K appeared to have missed the idea of having a co-operative play. Though some people delight in going head-to-head and trying to win against guests online, there are still folks who would rather muck around with a mate, exploit the gameplay and perceive all the cool stuff the video game has to offer. The special Referee matches go along well with that kind of behavior. In addition, if 2K is going to preserve the Universe Mode around in the WWE 2K19, they could utilize the Special Referee circumstances as a simple scheme device to supplement a few in-game rivalries.

Arcade Gameplay Style

Collaborating some arcade-style gameplay, or in any case, giving the video gamers the choice to play with faster and less-domineering controls would go a long way to improving the fun feature in WWE games once again. On the other hand, if 2K doesn’t want to include choice in WWE 2K19, it can look for its own balance between sensible realism and arcade goodness.

These are some of the anticipated features that will return in WWE 2K19. Do you think we missed other features? In case yes, please share it with us in the comment section!

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