WWDC 2018: 4 Key Announcements We Expect From Apple This Year

Jasper Valdez
7:13 PM

As the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) grow closer this year, many expect Apple to drop numerous surprises. From software to hardware, everybody is wondering what products will be unveiled.

It’s no different for us, we’ve also been contemplating on what particular advancements Apple will see fit for an unveiling this WWDC 2018. Now, with this in mind, we’ve listed down all the key announcements Apple will lay down on this year’s edition of WWDC. If you want to read more about it, just scroll down!

iOS 12

First and probably the most accurate on the list is Apple’s new firmware update, the iOS 12. If you didn’t know, WWDC was traditionally meant to cater to Apple’s software. Going by this logic, it’s safe to assume that the tech mogul will undoubtedly showcase their newest firmware version this year – in front of every iOS developer present.

In terms of features, this time around instead of issuing various new features, Apple is said to be toning it down. Updates indicate that the tech innovator will focus more on security and performance improvements – a move that consumers and fans have been clamoring for. Aside from this, Apple is also said to be making enhancements on features already integrated within the current OS (Operating System), ramping up speed and user experience.

watchOS 5

Another key player in WWDC 2018 would probably be the watchOS 5. According to hearsays, Apple is set to improve the user experience of the device, integrating new watch faces for users to choose from. Aside from this, the software will also now be supporting Spotify, enabling users to listen to music while doing their bodily routines. In addition to this, the tech creator also plans on giving the watch the FaceID feature, probably by way of an iPhone device.

New MacBook Model

Due to Apple’s failure to come out with a new MacBook model last year, many now believe that it’s about time that the Cupertino-based tech mogul comes out with a new MacBook version. Rumors say that this particular edition will start the lineup refresh apple intends to accomplish with its products. According to speculations, this new computer will be integrated with a new retina display screen. In addition to this, the device will drop with Apple’s very own chipset, though it’s still up for debate.

An Updated Version of the AirPods

It’s been about two years since the Air Pos was released and we think it’s time Apple improved on the technology. With this in mind, it’s definitely possible for the device to appear in the showcase.

In terms of features, the refreshed Apple AirPods are said to be coming with a new and improved chip for wireless connection. Aside from this, the earpiece is also set to get water resistance and Siri function that’s always active.

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