Torrent News: Danish Torrent Tracker Hounddawgs Faces Shut Down

Maricris Jose
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The world of torrent seems to be getting smaller as the Danish torrent tracker faced some issues recently. Out of the nowhere, the torrent site’s 40,000 users received a message signed by ‘Anonymous’, which stated that it had been hacked.

Based on latest technology news, the hacker also mentioned that everyone had been promoted to “staff” but soon after that the site went dark. Nevertheless, it eventually came back with a message from the operator, condemning another private torrent site of ‘messing around.’

The notice states that “We’re sorry, but due to server maintenance, we’ll be offline for a little while. Some kiddies from another Danish torrent site don’t like to share users so they found a way to mess a little with the site.” Furthermore, it added that there was no harm has been done, and they will be back up as soon as they have found the error and amended it.

This message from the operator seemed reassuring. Nonetheless, latest technology news revealed that a partly redacted file with usernames, emails, and IP-addresses started to flow.  With that, the rumor mill went on a full strike, and people stated that other accounts where they utilized the same information were being conceded. But then, the Hounddawgs operators sustained that accusations of a full database breach were untrue.

In addition, Hounddawgs’ staff posted a new message countering the hacking claims. They also publicized that the site would keep on being offline indefinitely. The Hounddawgs’ operators stated that they instigated the site as a counter-movement to the “tyranny” of other Danish trackers. Nonetheless, these other trackers supposedly didn’t want a novice and fought back; up to the where they decided to give up.

As of this moment, Hounddawgs URL redirects to which was recently under attack too. A recent Google cache displays the link between and

Do you think this will be the end of the Danish torrent tracker Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section that can be found below.

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