Things That Prove Daughters Are Real Blessings

Purnima Gupta
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A woman is one of the most beautiful creations of nature. They are equipped with an amazing combination of emotions and mental strength. Men may have been given the privilege to be physically stronger but its women who are able to stand stronger with their patience, tolerance, love & care, support.

When a boy is born, people dance or celebrate and when a girl is born, people consider her the biggest blessing from the heavens above because she will protect her home as an angel. Such is the aura of a girl’s presence at home.

A girl brings along her innocence, sensitivity, and love to fill our homes with joys and peace. Their beauty and naughtiness can melt everyone’s heart. Today we would like to present here, how girls have constantly been adding precious emotions in our life with their beautiful laughter.

Increase sensitivity

Daughters are born to be sensitive. They sometimes laugh or might start crying for no reason. Parents can experience whirlpool of different emotions with their girl. Daughters can show many emotions at the drop of a hat. Be it their smile or laughter or even their tears, all lit up the environment of the house. People tend to become sensitive towards relations when there is daughter at home.

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Spread smiles & warmth

Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by smiles and love? When you have a daughter in your home, be sure that your mornings will be brighter and very cheerful. Her smiles, giggles, and sweetness in her voice will capture your heart every day. Her beauty and charm will create a positive and warm atmosphere around you.

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Helpful by nature

Daughters are less likely to be self-indulgent and more towards helping their parents, especially to a mother in the house chores. Since, females always think from an emotional angle, they are more likely to understand the emotions so as to know when to provide a supportive hand to their parents or dear ones.

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Less naughty, more caring

In comparison to boys, girls are far more caring and organized. While a boy might leave your home in a mess but once a girl grows up, she will definitely prove to be better organized than a son can be. Girls are the ultimate caretakers and nurses in health facilities are the best example of this statement.

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Ability to understand emotions

Girls can understand emotions as they are more emotionally inclined, themselves. They can empathize better and try to provide emotional support during difficult times. A girl’s capability to understand and reciprocate emotions sets her apart, altogether.

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Remember important dates

This may sound quite like a dig towards the opposite gender, however, the fact is that girls are more interested to cherish important days of their and other’s lives. They take pride in remembering birthdays, anniversaries and events.

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Are more independent

In the matter of taking care of themselves, girls are far more independent than boys. Girls always have the know-how in the kitchen and easily perform house chores. They are also crafty and multi-task in comparison to sons.

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Are you feeling the blessings already? Girls make our world complete. We are looking forward to your opinions.

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