New TicWatch Pro Comes With Two Screens: Everything We Know About The Smartwatch

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Mobvoi, a company that is known to develop AI technology is making a huge push in the smartwatches in the form of TicWatch Pro. The latest installment of their famous wearable line is set to become available for the rest of the world in the coming months.

The AI and voice technology giant that is based in China is trying to join the race in consumer electronics in the other parts of the globe in past few years. They have made a number of projects but focuses more on the smartwatches section.

TicWatch Pro is their latest addition in their arsenal and features a unique selling point that is not seen in the other smartwatches maker. The wearable features longer battery life compared to other big players that might come in handy for those people that are always on the go.

TicWatch Pro also has the same features as other smartwatches in the market. The smartwatch can track the steps you made in a day same as the others. Monitoring your heart rate is also a basic function present in almost all the current smartwatches in the market.

So how is TicWatch Pro different from the other products out there?

Having two screen that is present in the watch’s main display is eye-catching. The setup provides a huge boost in the battery life of the device. Power efficiency and having two screens seems to be not the right equation for saving up battery life but it was proven wrong by Mobvoi.

FSTN LCD screen is installed as the second screen and specifically placed on top of the OLED display that shows the other features of the watch like the usual time of the day. The step counter and the heart rate is also displayed on the LCD screen that is said to help the watch achieve the two-day battery life in normal use and an incredible 30-day usage in Essential Mode.

The transparent LCD is mounted on top of the OLED display that allows the user to switch and find the other features in the watch that is included in the watch’s Wear OS. Using the other features available in the watch includes mobile payments and checking the notifications from your account.

Dimension wise, it is not too far compared to its competitor. It features a 1.4-inch display with 400 x 400 OLED main screen resolution which provides sharp images in the screen. A combination of sporty and a classy look to fit in all the occasions. With a thickness of 12.6 mm and weighing around 58.5 grams, it will fit and is comfortable enough for people to use.

The TicWatch Pro is also IP68 certified that which means survivability of the watch up to 1.5  meters underwater and can hold it up to 30 minutes. This is very useful when you’re out in the rain but don’t expect it to hold while you’re in a swimming pool. Powered by Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset with 512 MB of RAM and a standard 4GB of internal storage seems to be in line with all of the other smartwatches in the market.

The most exciting news about this release is the price tag. Mobvoi stated that the watch will become available to the consumers at a price of around $300. There are also no confirmed dates when the smartwatch is set to become available across the market outside China but it only makes sense if the TicWatch Pro becomes available in the coming months.


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