The Future Smartphones of 2018: Curved iPhone 11, Foldable Galaxy X, and Microsoft Surface Phone

Daphne Planca
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Many are highly anticipating a curved iPhone 11, foldable Galaxy X, and foldable Microsoft Surface Phone (Andromeda) could arrive to define the future smartphone industry. The mega-corporations Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft are apparently the three biggest names in mobile technology that have huge futuristic plans for their upcoming products this year.

According to ValueWalk, the big tech company Apple is already starting to plan and make concepts on the curved iPhone 11. A new patent technology from the company is being developed to make sure that the upcoming device will become a massive success. The company might put its own stamp on their next-generation smartphone if the iPhone 11 will come with a sophisticated display the curves inwards from top to bottom.

In terms of specification, the curved iPhone 11 is rumored to feature a high-quality OLED display and AirTouch controls, which is similar to the current Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S7 Edge. The upcoming device will respond without even being touched by users. Holding your fingers near to the screen will activate the iPhone 11 to carry out tasks, which is an additional control to the already popular 3D Touch system.

Meanwhile, the Korean manufacturer Samsung has already mentioned that a prototype smartphone dubbed as the foldable Galaxy X will likely appear this year, ahead of Apple’s device. This device is hotly anticipated because of its flexible screen, which is capable of bending all directions when it emerges and supporting four displays simultaneously. However, the Galaxy X could conceivably be delayed since the company is still finding more ways to deliver this feature.

Concurrently, another giant tech Microsoft is currently working on many features that might possibly be for the long-rumored foldable Andromeda device or the Surface Phone. The device will come with the Windows 10 Redstone 5 update, the touch-sensitive surface on the backside, and the Windows Hello support. The Surface Phone aka Andromeda will probably be released before the end of this year.

What do you think on the latest rumors about the curved iPhone 11, foldable Galaxy X, and Microsoft Surface Phone? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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