Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Features, Price: Everything We Know So Far

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Microsoft’s Surface series has definitely affected the laptop manufacturing industry since it debuted back in 2013. With its hybrid detachable form-factor and touchscreen display, this particular lineup marked itself as a cut above the rest—starting the current trend of laptops featuring similar versatile form and a removable screen. Aside from aesthetics, Microsoft also made sure to pack these portable devices with powerful processors able to perform tasks such as media editing, design, and other memory intensive projects, which would otherwise need a more advanced setup to accomplish.

Due to this impressive roster of laptops, many people are always keeping tabs on what Microsoft’s next move will be in terms of new product models. Just recently, speculations have popped up online detailing that a new Surface laptop is in the works at Microsoft—more specifically the Surface Pro 5. To give our readers an idea of what shape this next installment will take on, we have rounded up all the key things you should know about Microsoft’s upcoming computer.

Surface Pro 5 Release Date

Although Microsoft has yet to issue a statement directly confirming or denying the Surface Pro 5’s development, TechAdvisor believes that the new device will see a probable release sometime this 2018 on June or May seeing as previous Surface Pro versions were released during that timeline. However, they also note that fans should not raise their hopes just yet since the tech giant broke the chain of consistent releases when it failed to introduce a  new Surface Pro model back in 2016. Now, it is clear that Microsoft isn’t afraid of skipping years when it comes to delivering new products, which only reinforces the notion that the Surface Pro 5 will not be making an appearance anytime soon.

Surface Pro 5 Features

Feature-wise, the Surface Pro 5 will be sporting the latest in Intel’s processors but seeing as a window launch date for the Surface Pro 5 is yet to be confirmed by Microsoft, the new installment may either come with the current 8th generation core series or the yet-to-be-released 9th generation of core processors. In terms of hardware, Microsoft may integrate USB Type C ports, which has seen a rise in popularity these past years,  instead of the legacy USB Type A ports currently employed on all versions of the Surface Pro. On top of this, the Surface Pro 5 is slated to receive a new type of stylus with a touch-sensitive tip, which aims to remove the hassle of constantly scrolling up and down the screen using fingers.

Surface Pro 5 Price

When it comes to Microsoft’s pricing tactics, it’s safe to say that the rumored Surface Pro 5 will sting quite a bit. According to Gottabemobile, the Surface Pro 5 will be getting a price point higher than the latest model, the Surface Pro 2017—valued at a starting point of $799. One of the reasons for this increase is that Microsoft has stopped including the Surface Pen and the Surface Signature Type Cover in its bundles, making both products a separate buy.

However, these developments sound exciting, nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Microsoft is still keeping the details of the Surface Pro 5 under wraps and not much has been leaked either. Fans and users, alike, should take these unfounded pieces of information with a grain of salt and keep a lookout for announcements that will come directly from the tech pioneer.

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