Surface Phone Update: Microsoft Turning Their Foldable Phone Into A Hybrid, To Come With Never Before Seen Camera Setup

Jasper Valdez
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As we’ve witnessed these past weeks, Microsoft is gearing up to re-enter the mobile industry –most notably through a foldable phone concept, the Surface Phone. Though in detail not much has come up, many believe that the Redmond-based original equipment manufacturer is already knee-deep in developing the handset. In line with this, rumors are now creeping up on the interwebs detailing features coming to the much-talked-about device.

According to self-professed industry insider SurfacePhone.It, Microsoft aims to change the whole landscape of the mobile market by producing a device that integrates well with their current PC system, Windows 10. They say that the company is planning to create a modular version of the operating system solely for the Surface Phone. Aside from this, Microsoft also plans to imbue the handheld with the ability to run Windows 10 apps, which will be a sight to see if accomplished. What’s more interesting is that Windows 10 now also implements Netflix UWP’s picture-in-picture support, meaning we might see it pop up on the device itself.

In terms of form factor, speculations point that besides having a foldable screen, the device will also be equipped with modular aspects. As Thurrott reports, the Surface Phone will come with a hinge which will divide the device’s display into two individual screens that can be used separately or together. In addition to this, the concept phone will also come with accessories that attach to the handset through magnets –a feature similar to Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone, albeit a different take.

More into this, another source in the form of Walking Cat also confirmed the presence of a magnetic mechanism through another released patent. According to his Twitter post, Microsoft will be incorporating a ‘magnetic block locking’ technology into the device, which will enable users to lock and unlock the device –in tune with their preference.

In regards to the camera setup, Inquistr shares that the rumored Surface Phone will drop with an industry leading camera -never before seen. Details on this new technology were unearthed through another one of Microsoft’s patents, which was released not long ago.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Inquistr says that it’s important to note that, with these different patents floating around the web, it’s definitely possible for Microsoft to be developing a phone that’s unlike any other we’ve seen or heard before. They also shared that with the Surface Pro series’ success –another hybrid lineup by the tech innovator- the likelihood of Microsoft successfully coming out with a phone out of their patented designs is high.

Overall, we still advise our readers to take these new developments with a grain of salt as Microsoft has yet to issue official word regarding the Surface Phone’s existence and development, especially on its hardware and internals. However, we still feel that one of these days we’ll be granted more detail on the new device. So, just stay tuned and keep your eye peeled for more of our updates!

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