Surface Phone Latest Update: Microsoft Might Head To Next Level In Phone Market With Surface Phone Launch

Harsh Soni
5:27 PM

Microsoft is trying their best to make people believe that it is now out of smartphone business. However, several tech writers and pundits are believing Microsoft’s saying and claiming that tech giant is gearing up to introduce a foldable phone, dubbed as Surface Phone, anytime soon.

Redmond based tech giant has recently announced an end for support of old Windows Phones. Basically, everything which is to do with the phone, counting it is famous “find my phone” feature, will be ended. Microsoft seems to be saying all of us get over it and move on. However, you should now roll your eyes as PC Mag believes that this all is actually proof that Microsoft has a Surface Phone waiting to get unveiled.

We all know that Microsoft tried their level best to get famous in the phone market. The tech giant has tried and failed numerous times, first with smartphone games, after that with Windows Phone. The third time it is speculated that it will try again with the foldable phone aka Surface Phone.

The termination of the current Windows Phone is simply a hint towards the Microsoft’s effort to move on to next level which could be the surface phone. The company reportedly cannot afford to have a cluster of Windows Phone users demanding upgrades daily or replacement smartphone.

Microsoft is said to clear out all the remaining Windows phones with the new Surface phones. The company tells users that you never lose when you pick a Microsoft product, thus reports say that would launch the new phone into the market overnight.

If the Microsoft announced a 1:1 swap for an “upcoming new product,” it will start buzzing. If we check records then we will get to know that Microsoft has never made any buzz for anything Microsoft was doing. And the surface phone is something which is long rumored but the tech giant is staying silent on that.

Alternatively, maybe the reports suggesting Surface Phone are false and possibly Microsoft will actually give up on the booming mobile market as it cannot compete. But taking considering the current booming market its highly possible that the surface phone might arrive anytime soon.

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