Microsoft Surface Phone Latest Patent Reveals Magnetic Locking Mechanism

Harsh Soni
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Microsoft has been working hard on the creative thinking for the development of their foldable phone known as the surface phone, which is said to be code-named Andromeda. Redmond based tech giant’s fans are wandering around aimlessly and hoping for some good news. However, the latest published patents give us the confirmation on the existence of the surface phone and also reveal the ‘magnetic locking mechanism,’

There are a number of patents that have been filed in the summer of 2016 and are getting published now. The rumors about the surface phone were further hardened by reports showing Microsoft testing apps on an unknown SKU or platform in its store.

However, through several leaks, the idea of a surface phone might not be too unbelievable. The Chinese operations of Microsoft have also previously confirmed the existence of such a device, with the tech giant filing patents for a foldable mobile device the last couple of years. The latest patent of the surface phone describes an exclusive magnetic lock with a number of useful properties.

Latest patents reveal that the Microsoft surface phone will boast a strong magnet on a hinge with torsion spring that would rotate on the hinge when the two divides are made closer to each other, bringing them in close nearness and then offering a stronger lock in the closed position while only having a least magnetic field in the open position. However, the rotating magnet as well has the advantage of being able to turn in both directions. This basically means that rotating magnet can keep the surface phone closed in both the 0-degree position and also while opened 360-degrees, with both displays facing outwards.

Microsoft surface phone is also said to have the similar type of magnetic lock in the pivot section of the device, where it could lock the device in the 180-degree open position securely. The existence of the patent does not actually guarantee that the technology will be used or the device will surely exist.

If you want to see the full patent if Microsoft Surface Phone then it can be seen here. Share your thoughts about the latest patents in the comment section below.

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