Oppo Joins Foldable Phone League After Surface Phone, Galaxy X, ZTE & LG

Harsh Soni
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ZTE has already launched the Axon M, which is its first foldable smartphone. Even though the phone is foldable but the screen technically isn’t as the Axon M uses two displays, which are connected through a hinge. Microsoft is also rumored to be working on a foldable phone dubbed as Surface Phone. Similarly, Samsung and LG are also working on flexible display phones. However, a new leak surfaced online revealing that OPPO has patented its foldable smartphone which makes it joining the foldable smartphone club.

OPPO is one of the several smartphone manufacturers, like Microsoft (Surface Phone), Samsung (Galaxy X), and LG, who are reportedly working on a foldable phone. The recent patent by OPPO revealed that the rumored phone uses a single flexible display.

According to the patent, images surface online, the rear side of the OPPO device where the fold occurs has a different texture from the rest of the body. Looking at the images, you can notice a vertically arranged dual camera system on the one side, while on the other side; there is a cut-out with the same shape as the camera space.

As per the leaked patents, when the phone is stretched out, you will get a single large display. This is totally opposite to the ZTE’s Axon M smartphone where there is a black bar in the middle, which generally distracts you when using the phone in “Extended Mode”.

Looking at the images, we understand that OPPO is not hunting for thin bezels, so the aspect ratio when the phone is folded looks to be the traditional 16:9. Other images provided in the patent reveals that the purported foldable phone has a uniform thickness when laid out flat unlike the Axon M that has one side thicker than the other one.

However, it should be noted that such patents do not necessarily an indication of what a company is working on. OPPO is said to be one of the smartphone makers who is rumored to be currently working a foldable product, along with Samsung, LG, and Microsoft. Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh has recently said that a folding phone rumored as Galaxy X is in development. However, he has also confirmed that there are technological hurdles which might be cleared before its release in 2019.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Surface Phone is rumored to get a release next month at MWC 2018. Nevertheless, Surface Phone might not be the only product that will be unveiled at the MWC. According to reports, tech giant may also release the equally-fabled Xbox smartwatch.

For the OPPO’s foldable phone release, there is no info as of now on when Chinese smartphone maker will release its foldable phone but it is interesting to see that the manufacturer has plans for one.  What are your thoughts on the OPPO’s foldable phone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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