Microsoft Surface Phone Latest Details Reveal An Advantage Over Samsung Galaxy X

Harsh Soni
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This year the smartphone market will begin a revolution as the flexible display phones will launch. The long-rumored, Microsoft Surface Phone is still behind the scene. Only leaks, rumor, patents, and concepts are the sources for the information on upcoming Surface Phone. Another tech giant, Samsung, is also working on the Foldable Phone dubbed as Galaxy X.

Microsoft didn’t reveal a single word ‘officially’ on the Surface Phone. However, recently an engineer from Microsoft China as confirmed the existence of the foldable phone in Microsoft’s hands, you can read here.

Microsoft Surface Phone was also spotted on the Netflix original’s Black Mirror series, on which we have reported earlier. One person in the final episode of the fourth season of series is seen using the foldable phone. Since the series is based on the technology so there are probabilities that the device spotted could be Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone vs Samsung Galaxy X:

Samsung is reportedly working on a flexible smartphone that was previously in a rumor and then officially confirmed by a Korean executive, as reported by Italian blog. There are no real images of this device revealed but according to reports, the Galaxy X’s prototypes images have been displayed at the recent CES 2018. There are also several patents leaked online which we can compare with the Microsoft Surface Phone a.k.a Project Andromeda.

Samsung Galaxy X

Galaxy X

Microsoft Surface Phone

Surface Phone

By comparing both Galaxy X and Surface Phone patent images, we can see the huge difference between the two products to the advantage of Microsoft. According to the patents, the future Galaxy X will have a flexible display, thanks to a hinge on the back of the smartphone.

The foldable phone from Samsung can only be foldable in one direction. Thus, it could only be used as the smartphone. On the other hand, Microsoft Surface Phone will be having the dual display that will be purely foldable, which can become a tablet, PC or even a normal phone. This will be a good advantage to Microsoft over Samsung.

As far as software is concerned, Samsung Galaxy X will come with the pre-loaded Android OS, while on the other the Microsoft Surface Phone rumored to launch with Windows Core OS, thanks to CShell, which will comprise Windows 10 with the support of .exe on Continuum and with a completely scalable interface.

Microsoft Surface Phone is said to launch this year at MWC 2018. While Samsung Galaxy X will get a release in early 2019 or late 2018.

What do you think of Microsoft Surface Phone and Samsung Galaxy X? Which one of these two will be the best foldable smartphone? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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