Microsoft’s Foldable Windows 10 Andromeda (Surface Phone) Might Be ‘Project AND’; Release Date and Leaks Detailed

Daphne Planca
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A viral tweet from WalkingCat about the Andromeda device (Surface Phone) was posted yesterday. WalkingCat has leaked information that suggests that the upcoming foldable device seems to be also called “Project AND” confirming its existence. This likely makes sense because the big technology company Microsoft is famous for providing code names to their devices they are currently working on.

According to Windows Latest, the name “Project AND” of the Microsoft’s Andromeda or the Surface Phone may obviously refer to Andromeda and also mean like an abbreviation. This may also stand for Adaptive Notebook Device since the company aims to create a device that can adapt to different situations.

If the Andromeda device or the Surface Phone will push through, Microsoft Corporation will be starting a whole new category for mobile computing. They always want to envision a portable PC with telephony making it truly mobile and adaptive to various situations. The company attempted to take the Android operating system and iOS with their Windows Phone operating system but failed to do so. However, that incident didn’t stop them to keep on trying.

Microsoft is currently working on what they do best and sticking to make their PCs more mobile. The main reason is that they have already noticed that many people are slowly drifting away from their PCs.  Nowadays, smartphones are more portable than laptops and tablets and getting more PC-like features because of powerful mobile processors, and people rely on them when doing light computational work and browsing the web.

The Andromeda or the Surface Phone will be solving Microsoft’s vision to create a truly productive and pocketable device. This foldable, telephony-enabled device is expected to be pocketable when the user folds it and, at the same time, productive when the user unfolds it. It will replace a smartphone and a tablet creating a whole new category. The current Surface Pro device could replace a tablet and a laptop.

The release date of the Andromeda (Surface Phone) is not yet confirmed in the circulating rumors. No slight hint about this device is given from Microsoft. However, it may come sooner than expected; some speculated it to be released later this year.

So, what are your thoughts on the latest rumor about the Andromeda device or the Microsoft Surface Phone? Let us know by writing in the comment section below.

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