Substitute 0.0.6 For iOS 11 Jailbreak Available Now, Electra 1.1. Lagging Behind?

Maricris Jose
4:38 PM

After about five weeks after the Substitute version 0.0.5 was released, the jailbreak team CoolStar rolled out the Substitute to version 0.0.6. With the said launch, it seems that the Electra 1.1. is really lagging behind.

Substitute 0.0.6 For iOS 11 Jailbreak Details

With the Substitute 0.0.6 now being available, it’s really obvious that CoolStar has been putting a lot of hard work into Comex’s Substitute. After initially presenting the Electra jailbreak for iOS 11 up to iOS 11.1.2 devices, CoolStar then publicized that a forthcoming roll out of Electra would arrive with Cydia and Substitute.

Under normal circumstances, Saurik’s Cydia Substrate would exist instead of Substitute but since Substrate is closed source and Saurik still hasn’t updated it for iOS 11, CoolStar took the open source alternative framework built by Comex and got it to a position where it could support his jailbreak and work alongside Cydia Installer to install additional tweaks and packages.

Substitute 0.0.6 For iOS 11 Jailbreak Enhancements

It can be recalled that the Substitute Version 0.0.5 was released into the community in early March. This is an effort to rectify a number of performance concerns which were being recounted by the jailbroken device owners.

Unluckily, the Substitute 0.0.6 doesn’t have a full changelog but based on the comments it appears that there are additional performance improvements. In fact, one of the users stated that “Anemone opens fast AF now.”

Moreover, it’s also possible that Substitute 0.0.6 has set the foundation for CoolStar’s introduction of Electra jailbreak version 1.1. It was teased earlier this month and the jailbreak team has promised that the upcoming tool will allow binaries deprived of platform-application entitlement will launch appropriately. The team also confirms that the previous issues with 64-bit binaries must be rectified and no longer existing on handsets that will be jailbroken using the Electra 1.1.

As of this moment, there’s still no official release date for the Electra 1.1 jailbreak tool. But then, since the Substitute 0.0.6 is now available, it seems that the launch of Electra 1.1 will soon follow. Please stay tuned as we’ll definitely keep you posted!

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