Sony And AMD Gearing Up For The PlayStation 5 in 2020

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Sony is planning to get the PlayStation 5 ready for rollout in the stores around 2020 and will pack a new hardware for its fans. The console is also set to get AMD’s graphics card and will be working together to make a perfect balance for the new age console.

In the recent E3 2018 expo that featured all of the latest news and happenings in the gaming world, there was no jaw breaking news that featured new upgrades to the existing console line up especially the famous PlayStation. Everything in the recent expo centered solely in the games and software that will be featured for this year.

One of the giants in the gaming console industry aside from Microsoft which is the maker of Xbox (Sony’s biggest rival) and Nintendo, Sony seems to be looking ahead and pushing to the future. Although their current unit, the popular PlayStation 4 is still growing strong, the urge for game developers on making newer and higher quality graphics in their games are still rising.

With the lifespan of the successful PS4 line nearing to its end, Sony seems to be gearing up for the future. This was stated in the company’s Investor Relations day widely known as Sony IR Day. John Kodera, one of Sony’s top executive mention that “PS4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle.” This clearly states that the company is looking ahead and early for making the much awaited PlayStation 5.

This demands new heights for creating a new and powerful console that will set the future standards in the gaming experience. With that in mind, AMD, one of the World leaders in the graphics and chipset department, will work together with Sony for the PS5 project.

According to a report from Forbes, the PlayStation 5 console will feature both Zen+ core and Navi graphics architectures. This means that both Sony and AMD will be working specifically for this project to deliver high-end hardware for the next generation console.

Another big event that happened that may lead to this collaboration was the profile from Linkedin of a known programmer from Sony’s family. Simon Pilgrim, a long time employee of the company seems to be working on AMD Ryzen’s micro-architecture within the LLVM based compiler stack. This action suggests that it is for the future of the PS5 technology.

Sony seems to be working on upstream LLVM improvements that point to AMD Zen processors. However, the company is not shipping or handling any Ryzen based units. This brings forward the possibility of having a unique and major edge compared to its competitor’s graphics makeup.

The technology involved in the collaboration seems to be better exponentially compared to the technology involved in the current PS4 and PS4 Pro line. This improvement will bring new heights to the development of the new and ongoing production of the PS5.

With this technology, Sony and AMD are looking for higher scale graphics and processing power ranking in the PlayStation 5. The two companies still have few years to come up with a final project and make things work out with the two technologies merging together.

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