Samsung Leaked Patents Hint Galaxy X Multi-Screen Feature

Maricris Jose
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There have been rumors about the foldable handsets for quite a long time now. Samsung already confirmed that it is indeed working on it. In fact, the said device which was dubbed as Galaxy X was speculated to feature multi-screen due to recently released patents from the South Korean tech company.

Previously Released Patents Of Samsung Galaxy X

There have been numerous Samsung patents that were published describing how the South Korean tech giant foresees its foldable smartphones. The first, patent which was acquired by SamMobile indicates that the handset will have a hinge in the middle of it and two screens above and below. The supposed screens can work together or operate individually. Also, it appears that all of it will run on the same software.

Meanwhile, the other patents focus on foldable screens coming with dissimilar aspect ratios than customary handsets having a 16:9 or 18:9 aspect ratios. To be able to address that, Samsung has made a multi-window software features which guarantee that the content can fit across both screens or on one screen without being distorted.

Recently Released Patents Of Samsung Galaxy X

Remarkably, the latest Samsung patent takes target at a full-screen device that eradicates all bezels. The said patent, which also shuns the notch, can be found in Apple’s iPhone X. It includes an action button at the bottom part that could be utilized to activate Bixby. It also seems to arrive featuring a virtual fingerprint sensor component. This is something Samsung hasn’t been capable of getting to work.

Speculations about the Samsung Galaxy X have been roaming around the rumor mills for years. As a matter of fact, there have been talks claiming that the handset would arrive sporting a foldable screen. Meanwhile, others say that it’ll be a rollable display that can lengthen from smartphone size to tablet size.

As of now, Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything yet about the alleged Galaxy X. But then, it is expected to release some information soon, so stay tuned for future updates regarding this much-anticipated foldable device.

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