Samsung Gear S4 and Apple Watch Series 4: Everything You Need to Know!

Ruby Balagso
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Tech titans, Samsung and Apple will unveil their smartwatches dubbed as Samsung Gear S4 and Apple Watch Series 4 this 2018. Unconfirmed leaks and rumors have circulated about this matter, which is why proofs are being gathered to confirm the launch of the said devices. With a bit of luck, all the forecasts may come true.

Samsung Gear S4

Samsung’s smartwatch design is likely to be like the Gear S3 that is endowed with several enhancements. Such renovations would probably be on the display aspect of the OLED. Should this be true, then Samsung Gear S4 will feature several extra improvements, where the battery level could be seen without any difficulty.

Many would consider the battery feature a repetitious one for individuals who are used to smartphones. But it is regarded as an innovation when it is transferred to smartwatches.

Samsung’s Tizen-driven watch is expected to appear smoother with fewer footprints in contrast to earlier gadgets that were made by the company. Rumors have it that it might be equipped with a finger scanner and a small built-in camera. However, all these are just expectations that will hopefully materialize and transpire.

In terms of well-being, the said Samsung smartphone claims to have improved software incorporation. This fuels the hearsays about the watch’s software abilities where it can function as a dependable device to gauge blood pressure. Aside from that, the upcoming wearable is assumed to have the capacity to observe the sleeping patterns of its user, which means that the users need to have it on even as they sleep.

The price for the Samsung Gear S4 is anticipated to be the same as the other past gadgets the company already has in the market and is probably around $350. But if Samsung resolves to add more enhanced features, the tag price is expected to increase. Now let’s just wait and see what happens next.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is likely to have a whole new design makeover, which is exciting in part because the company’s last new design was implemented in 2015.

Leaks say that the display size will be larger by 15% compared to the past gadgets with a longer battery lifespan. Many expect that the upcoming Apple smartwatch would be built with an original gesture-based assemblage, and this based on the company’s innovations within their UX division which might be passed on to its forthcoming smartwatch.

The best rumor of all is that Apple’s Watch Series 4 will be equipped with a Face recognition component. But this is just pure hearsay for the time being. The Face ID capability of the smartwatches could be an added feature for future ones, but currently, it is doubtful that Apple was able to reduce footprint sensors coupled with the required camera for the said feature to be successful.

Fitness-wise, leaks say that the most recent Apple watch has enhanced user fitness sensors. Some of which are the pre-set detection tools for activity that likewise includes a monitor for heart rate. The watch is similarly expected to sense wrist movements when doing different sports.

The Apple Watch Series 4 with a simple Wi-Fi variety is expected to fetch a price of about $350. Although Apple’s smartwatch that is both cellular and Wi-Fi compatible will probably cost $430. However, should Apple decide to make signature variants like its previous Hermes Series 3 model, the price is expected to be at $1,100 to $1,500?

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