Samsung Galaxy X Update: Samsung Foldable Phone Rumored Design and New Leaks Detailed

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The most controversial foldable device from Samsung has been making rounds in the rumor mills. Dubbed as the Samsung Galaxy X, here are some leaked information and rumored design of the much-awaited handset from the South Korean tech giant.

Samsung Galaxy X Rumors

The Samsung Galaxy X is speculated to feature a 7.3-inch display that can be folded in the middle. Numerous versions were shown, with different abilities such as folding both inwards and outwards.

For the inward-folding model, the screen is protected since it’s closed. This model is reportedly the design with the most power at this point. On the other hand, the outward-folding one includes “more progressive next-generation technology.”.

Samsung Galaxy X Design

It can be recalled that Samsung has of course been positioning curved panels in production phones since the release of Galaxy Note Edge. In fact, this design eventually produced a phenomenon that has become a trademark of Samsung’s high-end smartphones.

The South Korean-based company has been testing with bendable OLED panels for years. It even showed them off publicly in technology demonstrations. But then the huge question is whether it could make handsets with displays that could be keenly bent or folded as a regular part of use. The screen must be very tough, but still, there is an issue of what covers the display panel, which a typical Gorilla Glass wouldn’t do the trick.

LetsGoDigital has made some renderings based on patent filings that demonstrate the Galaxy X as a vertical-orientation phone and the hinge mechanism built into the sides of the device. The foldable device would be rigid when the display is stretched and flat. But then, the users can pull the top and bottom apart to expose the hinge and then bend while the screen follows suit.

Some other renders show the Samsung Galaxy X while closed, which leaves a gap around the hinge part similar to Microsoft Surface Book laptop. Huge internal mechanisms would divide between the top and bottom halves of the smartphone by the hinge.

Early rumors questioned whether the Samsung Galaxy X was really a “bendable” phone with a single screen, or just a hinged device with two separate panels same with ZTE Axon M. It appears now that Samsung is going to try a full-on single flexible display.

Other rumors indicated that Samsung has a more tablet-shaped device with this bendy display technology in place. That may still be on the table in diverse forthcoming devices, but in terms of the Samsung Galaxy X, it seems to be a traditional vertical phone orientation.

Samsung Galaxy X Release Date

Rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy X will be unveiled during the MWC 2018, which start at the end of February. That’s where Samsung has already publicized that it will unveil the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Possibly that will come along with a tease or some kind of information on what will arrive after that.

As for the full reveal, it’s possible that Samsung fans will have to wait until the second half of 2018. At this point, it still unclear whether the South Korean tech company puts the Galaxy X on a high enough level to permit its own event, or if it will join other products instead.

These are the known details about the Samsung Galaxy X. Please stay tuned and we’ll surely keep you updated.

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