Samsung Confirms Foldable Galaxy X After Leaked Patent Surfaced Online

Antonio Manaytay
6:51 PM

Samsung has confirmed it is working on “foldable” Galaxy X after PatentlyMobile announced that the U.S. Patent Office had granted 13 patents design to the company. The patents, Patently Mobile announced, are composed of three: one for a fold-out smartphone, the second is about a buttonless smartphone while the third is a device that could be worn with a flexible display.

The leaked patent, however, does not show us how the upcoming foldable smartphone looks like except some bits of information what to expect from the new product. There is no confirmation from Samsung if it is really going into a foldable smartphone design but hinted it is possible that is the direction the company might be taking into. A mock-up of the phone design shows it is foldable but it is too early to tell how it could be translated into reality.

One thing is certain though. The patent discovered by Patently Mobile suggests that the new Samsung smartphone is likely to have a wraparound screen. Adding excitement to the internet is the novel feature of having a phone that is closed but its screen can be folded out to give users a wider screen surface area.

Looking at it, the new Galaxy X will carry the same excellent technology the Korean tech company is known for, housed on a high-tech flip phone. It would also boast of the same convenience Samsung phone users had been used to.

When the company confirmed the discovered patents it indeed confirmed it is working on the design, which by itself enough to send tech geeks into a frenzy. Samsung, however, is mum on how the mechanics of the high-tech flip phone leaving everyone guessing.

The Galaxy X could be flipped up. It is also likely that its screen is expandable into the size of a tablet. One thing is sure: Samsung is cooking up a foldable phone worthy of being the company flagship foldable phone that will satisfy the market demand for an all-in-one computer that can be kept in one’s pocket.

Other tech companies had already ventured into their own flagship foldable phones with expandable screens – so big that it is almost impossible to keep the phones in the pocket. Samsung appears to solve this problem by coming its own version of the foldable phone that fits right into anyone’s pocket. More information is expected to come out about the foldable Galaxy X, which will confirm some talks that Samsung is really into something new to give its users a new level of smartphone experience.

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