Razer Phone 2 Latest Update, Release Rumors, Price and Specifications

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Razer released their first gaming phone dubbed as Razer phone in November 2017. They targeted the gaming community since they are a gaming equipment company. Being the first smartphone to offer a 120Hz refresh rate, they performed extremely well, and now fans are eagerly looking forward to Razer Phone 2.

Razer Phone 2 Launch Date

As per the reports, the company is working hard on the development of Razer Phone 2 which means that the smartphone is likely to be available in the market by the end of 2018. In fact, early rumors suggest that the phone could even be launched by September this year. There is the likelihood of the smartphone being announced during IFA which will take place between August 31st and September 5th, 2018.

Cost Price

When Razer Phone was introduced in 2017, it was priced in the range of $700-$800 dollars. Since the cost was high even at that time, it would be recommended that they keep the price of the next version in the same range. However, considering that there will be new technology and added features in the Razer Phone 2, the company might increase the price a little.

It will be a mistake if Razer keeps the price in the same range as iPhone X since Razer Phone 2 is not as popular as the other phones in the iPhone line.


Razer Phone 2 was known for its top-end features designed especially for gamers, and high refresh rate, that too at a price much lesser than high-end flagships from big brands like Apple and Samsung. The smartphone was quite an achievement for the company since it was their first foray into the mobile arena.

There is not much detail available at this time regarding the specifications of the phone. However, camera improvements are a huge possibility since that was one of the weak points in the original phone. The company will maintain the impressive refresh rate and the top-end power which is capable of giving even the high-end device a run for their money.

Razer Phone 2 is one of the highly anticipated smartphones and is likely to find a good number of fans. Let us wait and watch to see what buyers have to say.

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