Quick And Easy Facial Care Tips For Men To Follow Right Away

Purnima Gupta
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Yes, you heard it right! We are presenting some fact checks and a list of tips for facial care of men. Contrary to popular belief, men also need grooming and taking care of themselves. After all, they are also humans having a skin which goes through normal wear and tear of daily life. Salons might be the favorite destination of the ladies but indulgent men can be easily spotted there too.

Manicure, pedicure, clean up our birthright of the ladies. Such statements in this era are passe. Majority of men may not require the regular manicure or pedicure regimen. When a man goes to a salon visit, it is more or less for trimming that hair on their beard or head.  No men would go to a salon for nail art, for heaven’s sake!

Well, we do understand that the grooming might not be the territory for the masculine sex but they definitely need the caring touch once in a while for their faces. Much like their female counterparts. One of the strong reason behind men’s need to take care of their face is the idea of being a gentleman. And, we know how ladies adore men who take care of their own self, along with their lady love. So, here are some tips for men who want to win the love of the lady or believe in self-love.

Go for scrubbing

Men may have skin which is harder than women but they still need to scrub hard. Scrubbing purifies the outer pores and lets the skin breathe. Choose a good quality men’s scrub and use it thrice a week to keep dirt, oil, and pollutants from attacking your pores.

Wash your beard clean

Beards and mustaches are back in vogue. Ladies go gaga seeing men having those bushy companions on their faces. And why not, when men look more muscular and macho with them. With great power comes great responsibility, and keeping and maintaining that beard is a task in itself. So, dear men, we recommend you to wash your beards thoroughly twice or thrice per week. When the sweat will be away your skin will glow automatically.

Tackle the wrinkles

Though wrinkles bring in that chiseled look on men’s faces, they can turn severe without any facial care. Make sure you buy a good cleanser and toner. However, you may skip daily moisturizing due to acne issues. Keep the toner handy for soothing your open pores on the facial skin. And clean with toner during the night.

Mask for glow

We would recommend our menfolk to use a good facial mask thrice in a month. Go for a facial mask which is ideal for your skin. Mask treatment will prevent that normal wear and tear to show up on your face and won’t make you look burned out.

That’s all folks. You may let us know how you liked these quick and easy tips for facial care in the comment section below.

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