PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Two, Nintendo Switch 2: When Are They Coming?

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It’s been a solid few years since most of the popular gaming consoles dropped on the market, shedding light on the gaming industry’s prominent innovations and advancements from its not-so-distant past. However, it has been a good run (and it still is) many wonder (including us) when the next generation of powerful consoles are going to arrive.

Currently, there are numerous rumors and speculations floating around on the internet detailing the imminent arrival of the PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Two, and the Nintendo Switch 2. Now, we know that it’s a bother to scan through all of them so, we’ve listed them all down here in one place.

PlayStation 5 (PS5)

2013 is the year the PlayStation 4 was introduced, and looking at it, it seems just about time for Sony to debut another powerful console to continue on the PS4’s colorful run, which we suspect will be fittingly named the PlayStation 5 (PS5). Although the console developer has yet to issue an official announcement confirming that PS5 is indeed in the works, a little birdy, in the form of T3, told us that many industry insiders have vouched for the PS5’s window release date to be sometime in 2020.

From this timeline, we could infer that Sony is not in any rush to deliver a new console. And that’s probably because Sony just recently released the PS4 Pro, which came with various enhancements primarily on the graphics aspect.

Regardless of the PS5’s release date, another thing we can look forward to for Sony’s next console is Virtual reality (VR) support, which will likely be supported in the next iteration. Though the PlayStation VR initiative has not really took-off, it doesn’t mean that it will be left out of PlayStation’s new installment. Nowadays, VR is steadily amassing fans of its own so, it’s highly likely that it will be integrated into the next console.

In terms of storage, PS5 is speculated to come packed with cloud storage support seeing as games being developed for current consoles are on a much larger scale. The steady increase of internet speeds from providers seems to corroborate this claim even more.

Xbox Two

Same with its rival, the PS4, the Xbox One debuted four years ago. Looking at Microsoft’s release history, we can conclude that Xbox Two’s release date will likely coincide with the PS5. One particular example which supports this claim is the Xbox One X’s release back in 2017. Seeing as this is the case, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be seeing a new model of the Xbox since all the latest advancements in console technology, in terms of graphics and processing power, has already been implemented in Microsoft’s current console.

Another obvious category Microsoft has been working on, which will likely translate to the Xbox Two, is the integration of Windows and the Xbox One. This new feature currently enables players to connect with other players through an app and allows them to monitor accomplishments and achievements. In the future, Microsoft might enhance integration between Windows and the Xbox, which will definitely be a sight to see.

Similar to Sony’s PS5, Microsoft’s Xbox One also has VR capabilities. In its next installment, we might see this feature get upgrades, which will push the VR genre to new heights far from its less than stellar place now.

Cloud-based storage is also another which will likely appear on the Xbox Two, primarily to accommodate game developers’ increasingly larger games and Microsoft’s video-streaming endeavor. However, The Wolf Hall argues that this particular move won’t make sense, in terms of global audience, since many players placed in developing countries don’t have access to stable internet bandwidths. With this in mind, it’s still too early to officially claim that cloud-storage will be the next big thing both on the PS5 and the Xbox Two.

Nintendo Switch 2

When it comes to Nintendo’s’ hybrid console, the Switch, a release date of 2020, similar to the previous consoles, probably wouldn’t cut it. Nintendo has announced that it expects the device to have at least five or six years market tenure before the new installment takes over. Basing it on the digits, we would not be seeing a Nintendo Switch 2 until 2022.

Seeing as the Nintendo Switch’s main selling point is its versatility, able to change shape to suit players’ needs (tablet mode, TV mode, it’s probable that Nintendo is planning to keep these features on until the next console. Another area which the second Nintendo Switch will likely improve on is its processing power –a needed upgrade if it plans on facing off against the PS5 and the Xbox Two.

In terms of VR, Nintendo is just starting to carve its own path in the industry, starting with add-ons that turn the Switch in a variety of other devices such as a piano, a robot fighter, and a fishing rod. Definitely, we will be seeing improvements in this field soon enough, albeit at a slower pace.

Accessories-wise, Nintendo has been pumping out products with the intent of expanding their console’s gameplay and players’ experience. It will likely continue on until the next console seeing as Nintendo intends its console to be a family or group affair.

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