PlayStation 5, Xbox Two: True 4K, 60 FPS Not Standard For Next-Gen Consoles, Says Devs

Yves Amodia
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Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two have been announced this year by their respective manufacturers. While talking about these two consoles centered mainly on the strides taken for their streaming components, not much has been discussed with regards to its graphics and visuals. That will change with a recent development that has come to light.

No true 4K/60 fps for PlayStation 5, Xbox Two?

Developers are not confident that Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 will be a priority for Microsoft and Sony, according to Segment Next. While realistic visuals will be a goal for the consoles, it does not look like true 4K resolution and 60 frames per second will be the standard.

It also seems that the next PlayStation will be using the Ryzen CPU. This will give it more power to create and facilitate stunning visuals and strong gameplay for the console.

Competition from Google

Whatever the decision of Sony and Microsoft is, they should step it up with their next-generation consoles. It is looking like a fourth major player will enter the console market in the form of Google, according to Kotaku. This will make competition in the market even tighter.

Google is already sure to be a major player. With its huge resources, it will be able to accomplish the reported three-pronged approach for its video game strategy. Rumor has it, the company’s plans will involve a streaming platform, a hardware component, and recruitment/acquisition of game developers. This may serve as a rival for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two especially when it reaches stores in the next three years.

Should both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two have 60 frames per second and true 4K resolution? Will this help them fend off competition from the coming Google console product? Let us know by posting an entry in the comments section.

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