PlayStation 5 - Rumors, Specs, Release Date, and More

Jasper Valdez
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As we all know now, the PlayStation 4 is a successful venture for Sony since it launched back in 2013, racking up millions of unit sales during its tenure. Though Sony is still getting big gains from the latest iteration of their console, the PlayStation 4 Pro, many now believe that the next console, which will come in the form of the PlayStation 5, is imminent.

According to the latest rumors, Sony is now making moves towards the development of the PS5 console. GameRant reports that Mark Cerny, the one who’s responsible for the PS4’s architecture, has already started visiting developers and spreading the news about the new console platform. Though this is the case, Eurogamer says that Sony has been keeping a tight lid on the details of Cerny’s travels, which doesn’t give us much to rely on. However, what it does provide us with is the assurance of the PS5 being in the works – which is more than enough of a clue.

Wccftech has also chimed in when it comes to the issue of an official release. They say that it’s more likely that the machine will drop on 2020 with 2019 being the earliest. They add that this prediction supports the generational leap needed for the PS5, which, as of the moment, isn’t available. This particular technology will only be available two or three years from now as illustrated in AMD’s technical roadmap, which Sony uses as its consoles GPU.

In terms of hardware, the PlayStation 5 is said to be integrated with the new GDDR6 memory and a chip that’s manufactured through the new 7nm manufacturing process – both of which won’t appear until 2019. Aside from this, Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter (via Eurogamer) also expects the new console to arrive with an AMD 8-core Ryzen CPU and a Navi-based GPU, which, in theory, will deliver a performance comparable to that of a high-end gaming desktop.

Although these developments sound convincing, Sony has yet to issue anything concrete regarding the PS5. All leads that we can rely on right now are merely conjectures. However, it’s also important to note that when there’s smoke there’s fire, meaning some of these claims might prove true in the long run.

As always, we advise our readers to wait for further announcements from Sony before jumping to conclusions. It’s also necessary to take these developments with a grain of salt as many of them aren’t credible enough.

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