OfflineBay Is The New Pirate Bay Alternative Tool That Download Torrent Without Internet

Harsh Soni
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The Pirate Bay frequently suffers downtime that can lead a lot of frustration among torrent users. However, there is a solution for this problem now as the Software developer TechTac came up with OfflineBay, which is a searchable offline archive of TPB’s torrents. The new torrent tool depends on downloading and updating a dump file manually.

According to Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN, The Pirate Bay’s main domain has suffered a total of 40 percent drop in Dutch traffic because of the local ISPs (Internet Service Providers), such as Ziggo and XS4ALL that were forced to block the torrent site. This decrease of 40% traffic was reported due to the numbers from research company ComScore.

For those who are unaware, BREIN ordered to block The Pirate Bay for reducing copyright infringement. However, this decision was not welcomed by the Internet Service Providers, as they felt blocking was inappropriate.

The Pirate Bay is famous and one of the most easy-to-use torrent sites. However, when it is down, you don’t need to worry as OfflineBay has been launched. The OfflineBay is a multi-platform app that can be installed on their local computer. It helps users to accumulate a copy of all Pirate Bay torrents locally, in case the site goes down.

OfflineBay is not like the traditional torrent download tools such as HTTrack that make the entire websites offline. Using OfflineBay, torrent fans can download public TPB dump file for around 100 MB in size and browse the torrent database without the use of the internet. However, the real pain is the dump file to be downloaded and imported to the tool manually. Hopefully, the developer of the tool might also make the process automatic.

OfflineBay is currently available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The torrent tool can be used for free. This offline torrent tool right now requires Java 8, but future updates might also offer support for Java 9. The official OfflineBay related information is right now available in the Pirate Bay forums over at Suprbay.

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