NVIDIA’s New Graphics Card Lineup Will Debut As GTX 11 Not The GTX 20 (GTX 2080), An Inside Source Reveals

Jasper Valdez
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Recently, you might have heard us mention that the new NVIDIA GTX series will be taking on the moniker of GTX 2080 (obviously, right?). However, this may not be the case anymore as a self-professed insider divulged that rather than the former name, the new graphics card lineup will be fittingly called the GTX 11.

According to the anonymous source from TweakTown, NVIDIA took a different strategy in terms of naming their highly-anticipated successor to the GTX 10 series, shying away from the hearsays and employing a new namesake under the title GTX 11 series. What this particularly new revelation entails is that unlike what everybody has been reporting, the new graphics cards will be coming out not as the GTX 2080 but as the GTX 11.

In addition to this already surprising development, the source adds that the new line will forego the ‘70’ and ‘80’ tags that we’ve been used to seeing in its past iterations. This might mean that we’ll be seeing a whole new way of naming when it comes to NVIDIA graphic cards, which is currently undertaken in increments of 10 starting on the number 50 and ending with 80 (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080).

In line with this new naming sense, TweakTown argues that we might see the new line up numbered using increments of five (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1185; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1175). They add that making use of this new naming approach could very well be beneficial to the succeeding lineup, the GTX 11 series, as it would effectively differentiate the previous from the latest installment. Digital Trends also sees the possibility of using increments of five to deviate GTX 11 from the current lineup as NVIDIA has been known to make use of the method in most of their product lines.

In terms of a release date, there aren’t many that we can use as a lead but everyone seems to be expecting something big from GPU Technology Conference (GTC) this March 27 that will be held in San Jose, California. The hypothetical announcement may very well be a full-on reveal of the GTX 11 series or just a hint of what’s to come — we can’t really tell as of the moment as clues and leaks have been quite scarce.

As with every NVIDIA line, the GTX 11 lineup will be integrated with a processing buff and this time in the form of the rumored new ‘Turing architecture.’ Currently, it’s still unknown what capabilities this new technology will be able to instill into the new graphics card models performance-wise, but if we’re talking about NVIDIA, then it’s safe to say that it will be nothing less of amazing (or even beyond).

In other news, NVIDIA is also set to introduce a new set of graphics cards marketed towards enterprise and data centers and is founded on another new architecture called ‘Ampere.’ This newly implemented architecture will be replacing the current Volta architecture employed in the Titan V add-in cards and Tesla V100, which NVIDIA stresses will be much ideal to other process-intensive tasks (e.g. Calculations and simulations) than gaming.

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