NVIDIA GTX 2080 Arriving this 2018? Release Date, Specs, Price, and More

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It’s definitely been a great year for NVIDIA as their latest flagship graphics card series, the GeForce GTX 1080  and the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, has been experiencing an incredible increase in sales mostly due to the current popularity of the crypto-mining industry — a way of amassing numerous ‘digital currencies’ by way of solving blockchains or other process-intensive tasks. Taking this current spike in the demand for more powerful graphics cards into account, many are wondering (us too) whether NVIDIA will be pushing for a successor to their obviously booming graphics card lineup.

In light of this collective interest, it seems like users won’t need to scratch their heads in confusion any longer as the question has now been given a probable answer, albeit still unfounded, in the form of the GTX 2080 —the next generation flagship graphics card from NVIDIA rumored to be seeing a release sometime this year. If you want to know all the latest updates regarding the rumored GTX 2080 then, it’s your lucky day. Here, we’re dishing out all there is to know about the highly-anticipated installment in NVIDIA’s acclaimed graphics card roster. Read on and keep watch!

NVIDIA GTX 2080 Release Date

Although the clamor for NVIDIA’s graphics cards is on the level of astronomical, there’s still no clear information on the GTX 2080’s launch date or if it’s even going to see a release this year. However, in an earlier report argue that the GTX 2080 might see an unveiling during its GPU Technology Conference (GTC) this 2018, which is scheduled to commence sometime next week. Although not entirely impossible, this time frame might be too early for the next GTX series to arrive. A source from Tom’s Hardware shares that consumers and fans should not expect the next high-end NVIDIA cards until July of this year, which seem plausible given the overwhelming success of their GTX 1080 series.

A New Architecture

Aside from the stalled release, another aspect that fans shouldn’t hope to see in the next NVIDIA graphics card is the Volta architecture. According to reports, the new graphics card will skip to a new architecture called ‘Turing,’ which is still unknown at this point in time. Regardless, what’s going to be consistent in this outing is a performance bump, which will likely be several folds higher than the previous lineup.

A Higher Price Point

As perfectly demonstrated in the current market, the GTX 2080 will likely be valued at a higher purchasing point than its predecessors. According to TweakTown, this new roster of cards might swell up to $1,499 given the current demand retains its strength. However, Tom’s Hardware believes that the new cards’ value might experience a dip since the cryptocurrency industry has seen a significant drop in value as of recent, which entails a decrease in digital mining and a lower demand for graphics processors.

Although these developments sound exciting, NVIDIA has yet to issue any concrete leads suggesting that the GTX 2080 is a real and tangible product and not just some imagined or make-believe story to fuel the crypto mining hype as of present. With this in mind, users and anticipators should always take these updates with a grain of salt unless stated otherwise by NVIDIA.

Overall, it seems like we’ll really just have to wait and see when GTC 2018 comes if NVIDIA is truly planning on unveiling a new graphics card. It’s even possible for the tech tycoon to forego GTC 2018 and make an announcement in Computex 2018, or in the worst case scenario, not at all. Well, it’s just a guess but, still, keep your eyes peeled for more updates regarding the rumored GTX 2080 and if you can, keep us posted by dropping us a comment down below!

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