Next-Gen Gaming Consoles (PS5 and Xbox Two) Might Shift to Cloud-Based Streaming Services, Phil Spencer Claims

Daphne Planca
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It seems that the race of having gaming consoles in one’s living room is slowly crumbling down. Many avid fans are still cramming to get their hands on the fastest hardware with added features. The same cloud-based model will be replacing these consoles because this got streaming video revenue eclipse physical discs since two years ago.

According to Cnet, the tech company Microsoft has finally mentioned its plans on its next-gen gaming consoles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press event for Xbox in Los Angeles. The head of Xbox brand, Phil Spencer, teased that their team is already designing and making the next Xbox consoles as well as working on streaming games.

Their engineers who are expert in the cloud are unlocking the console gaming on any device to allow it the user to play a game streaming network. Two possible scenarios could likely happen – either from parts of the same device or two different threads that will not join together until certain next-gen hardware arrives.

Introduced four years ago, the PlayStation Now service is doing a great job in streaming older games as well as a couple new ones using broadband Internet. Even if this is not yet a complete console replacement, the users already get the consumer gaming experience from cloud gaming.

The upcoming PlayStation 5 from Sony is rumored to use AMD’s Zen, which is the central processing unit (CPU) currently seen in Ryzen brand gaming desktops. It might not come out earlier than 2019 or 2020. To recall, the company did not wait to introduce the PlayStation 4 during the E3 2013. Meanwhile, the Xbox Two from Microsoft got recently leaked to be codenamed as “Scarlett” and will be set to arrive in 2020.

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